About Battle of the Mascots
Battle of the Mascots is a collective of designer toy customizers Sekure D and Don P. Both are collectors and customizers of Kidrobot Mascots and have an extremely love for this platform.

Bio Sekure D (Mathew Fabris)
Sekure D lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. In 2006 Sekure was losing himself in his sneaker addiction and in the ultimate attempt to stand out begun to customize his own sneakers in order to have the most limited of limited releases, the 1 of a kind. What began as a hobby quickly evolved into a part time job painting shoes in his bedroom to the beginnings of a new full time career in design.

Sekure cites his love for graffiti, sneakers, comics, designer toys and cinema as the main driving forces behind the creation of his distinctive style. As well as painting on sneakers Sekure features his artwork on canvas and in conjunction with his three solo shows in Australia and New Zealand he has had work featured in numerous group shows and galleries such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

During this time Sekure has worked on two collaboration sneakers with the skate footwear brand Globe and been featured in a variety of magazines, websites, newspapers and books including Sneaker Freaker, Sole Collector, The Age and ‘Custom Kicks’. Sekure works tirelessly evolving his style and skill set to ensure there is always something new and fresh coming out his studio.

During last year Sekure D lost his heart for collecting and customizing designer toys. His main targets are Kidrobot Mascots, Family Guy and Sharkys. His name was really settled in the customizing scene with his mini Munny "1996 Championship Bullsbot series" and his bots "Mascot season 1 series".

Check out more from Sekure D here:

Bio Don P (Patrick Lippe)
Don P lives and works near The Haque, The Netherlands (Europe). In early 2010 Don P lost his heart on the Kidrobot Mascot. When he saw the Kidrobot Mascot 17 SGT Black he was lost and he gained a huge collection of Mascots. Since the last months he slightly changed his collection and decided to collect custom Skull Munny's too.

For several years Don P was designing Sony Ericsson themes. He made more than 500 themes for several phones of Sony Ericsson. Don P (PatrickL) is a wellknown name in the world of themes making. He won quite some competitions and was asked by several companies to make themes for them. Since it was just a hobby, he decided to not makes his work out of it. In 2009 Don P made his last theme.

Since a year Don P is customizing designer toys and his name is growing in the Vinyl Art scene. He made it in his first year of customizing in Kidrobots Blog "The Kronikle", they stated that he was an emerging customizer.

Don P has his own style of customizing these days, what he is calling Apocalyps-style. This style is a mixture of dirt, cracks, metal, gasmasks and damaging the toys. Especially his custom Mascots are famous, with names like KidApocalys, KidMutant X and KidDwarf he is giving a different approach on the Kidrobot Mascot.

Check out more from Don P here:

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