Patrick Wong's Mascot is a bargain!

This custom Mascot is still for sale. I reckon it is a matter of time now that it sells. What a great price for this excellent Mascot. Grab it fast!


Mercenary: Lion Grrr... Mascot by Fuller

Blown away by this Mascot. Love the fact that the lionsuit has more depth, than the original Grrr... design.



Mr. Fist Bot by Blue-Frog

Pretty awesome Bot from Blue Frog. The head is removable.

Custom news: Fuller

Fuller is working on this 7 inch Mascot. I would call this the Grrrrr Evolved version.

Codename Rasta Bot by Sekure D

Tried to get some official pictures from this Bot, but Sekure D totally forgotted to take pictures from it. Here is a picture from collector Dondaka.