Kidrobot + Threadless - BOTM 10 favorites!

Here are our 10 favorite t-shirt designs from this moment (no special order). Feel free to enter this great competition. Read more about this competition here.

More Rioteer Bots from J.Riot

Love these two guys from J.Riot...

All Rioteers together What a great set!


Mascot Instagram giveaway!

Join this amazing giveaway! 

Spirit of 84 7" Mascot Instagram giveaway! 1.Score the Spirit of 84 on Threadless http://bit.ly/so84 2.Follow @patrickwongart on Instagram 3.Repost with hash tag #spiritof84 - Random winner chosen Aug.16   1d*-++



Custom news: J. Riot

J.Riot is working on more Rioteers...

KidDredd Bot by Don P

Was about time that I finished this one. The eagle gaved me some headache, but I am happy with the result.


Bboy Mascot by Patrick Wong

Patrick Wong just launched his amazing Mascot. Imo a true production piece. Just WOW!!!

Custom news: Don P

Tomorrow some better shots of this finished KidDredd, a 3 inch Bot.


RioteerBot Grey by J.Riot

Another awesome Bot by J.Riot. Love the expression!

Spirit of '84 illustration by Patrick Wong

This is something that I would like to see more on this blog, an amazing illustration from Patrick Wong.

Flight Officer Donbot by Reet Neet (R3)

Ooooooh finally I can show you something new again. I am totally in love with this Bot from Reet Neet.


KidPaintball by Don P

This one took me way too long to finish it. Apologies to this great collector.

Threadless X Kidrobot!

Design a t-shirt inspired by Kidrobot’s ‘Bot.
Kidrobot turns playing with your toys into an artistic endeavor, cranking out vinyl figurines with cutting-edge flair and undecorated creatures waiting for your unique stamp to make them pop. And overseeing every sinister hop of a Dunny or bare glare of a Munny is their shape-shifting mascot, The ‘Bot.
With his bristly Mohawk and defiant sneer, The ‘Bot is at home on the fringes of any scene—high fashion, punk, skate, hip-hop, graffiti, you name it. And with your help, he’s ready to infiltrate the Threadless community!
Your challenge is to bring Kidrobot’s ‘Bot to an original t-shirt design. Take cues from the cheeky, fresh, hard-living, and artist-inspired style of The 'Bot to create your own 'Bot infused work of wearable art that will proudly hang in any scene.

Keep in Mind:
  • You can use The ‘Bot head alone or with his body, but the artwork must contain at least The ‘Bot head framework.

  • No outside characters are allowed in your design.

  • Get creative with your ‘Bot design, but remember, the final artwork must still be recognizable as the Kidrobot mascot.

  • 7/15/2013

    The Rioteer Bot by J.Riot

    Totally in love with this style from J.Riot. Love the madness on the face!

    When you are interested in a Bot from J.Riot than hit him up here: whatsup@vinylriot.com


    Custom news: Reet Neet (R3)

    Absolutely great wood pattern on this Bot already. I personally love wooden Bots. When you are interested in a Bot from Reet Neet, than hit him up on his Facebook page here.


    Say Cheese Bot by Riesjart

    Happy that this crazy concept is finished, since I will add this guy to my private collection. I love it. When you are interested in a cheese Bot or Mascot than contact Riesjart here: riesjart@live.nl


    Pinkie Grin by Tasha Zimich

    Just look at this awesome Bot from Tasha Zimich. So much attention to the eyes and I truly love the shadow work on this custom. 

    "Kid Cupid" by Davemarkart

    The latest Mascot from Davemarkart. This time a painted one, I personally love the dark and dirty look of it.

    "Kid Cupid" ( finds ones that do not love themselves and with one shot from his laser they do and then are able to find true love all on their own )


    Carson Catlin ready for SDCC

    These Mascots will be available during the SDCC, for 200 dollars each. Looking awesome!!!


    Custom news: RunDMB

    RunDMB is currently working on another 7 inch Mascot. This simply can't go wrong.....another EPIC mascot is coming!


    Custom news: Tasha Zimich

    Just received these pictures from Tasha. Amazing tiny lines on this Bot already.