Custom news: Carson Catlin

Carson is fast...

KidCoral, a new wave for the Codename Unknown Allegiance

The strength of the blobs is growing as they devour and destroy everything in their path. To date the Codename Unknown operational Robot Allegiance have been unable to stop them and have been forced to construct new members out of their discarded obsolete pieces found in submerged oceanic boneyards. It is hoped that these reinforcements will help stop the purge of the Blobs otherwise the planet maybe lost forever. The above Kidrobot Mascot will be available from my stall this July 6-7 at OzComicCon in Melbourne. For further purchase information please contact me at info@sekured.com - Sekure D


Kid Achilles by Commandante

This custom turned out mind blowing. Amazing sculpt on this Mascot. Love all the details, just stunning! Another epic Mascot from Commandante.


Custom news: Riesjart

Coming customizer Riesjart is working on this "Say Cheese Bot", he is open to make some more of these guys. When you are interested in a Bot like this, than give him a message riesjart@live.nl. A Bot will cost you only 65 dollars shipped.

TAKEDA by Popcornhead

Made for my Solo Show "Kamo" at Freakstore in Caracas/Venezuela.

for more info and prices:

Kid Knight by El Hooligan

I always have to laugh at new works from El Hooligan. The expressions are top notch on his customs. He just finished this 3 inch Bot. Excellent sculpted, just love it!

Custom news: J.Riot

Awesome start on the first head....



The first Mascot from BRUSCOLINO. When you are interested in this Mascot, than hit him up!


"KAMBEI" The Samurai by Popcornhead

"KAMBEI" The Samurai, Customs 7" Mascot for my Solo show at @FreakStore this Friday June 21. More info www.freak.com.ve  

Rusted Heart Mascot by Davemarkart

Davemarkart finished this Mascot some weeks ago. Totally forgot to post it.