Custom news: Valleydweller (UVD Bot series)

Ahhhh just saw this on Urban Vinyl Daily...



Check out this sick image that we received from customizer ValleyDweller for his upcoming custom 3″ ‘Bots series. Right now we don’t have a whole lot of details on the exact release date but we do know that these will becoming to the UVD Store soon! So all the ‘Bot collectors better get ready because these look like figures you won’t want to miss!


Custom news: Commandante

I can see that this one will be a stunner again from Commandante...

Space Bot by SHRAGman

The pictures of this Bot are not doing this custom justice. The problem is that SHRAGman used a special metallicpaint for this custom. This makes it not easy to get this right on the photo. When you look at the video, you will see the real beauty of this custom!


"Kid who you callin Waldo?!" by Davemarkart

The latest custom Bot from Davemarkart. He unfortunately sold this custom Bot, but I am pretty sure that he will make some more soon. Keep an eye on his Facebook and Instagram!

Templar Mascot and Union Bot by El Hooligan

Two stunning customs from El Hooligan. Really dig the Templar Mascot. Extremely love the metal helmet and the shield. The Union Bot is pretty impressive too. I heard that El Hooligan will finish some more Bots soon. When you are interested in grabbing a Bot or Mascot from him, than hit him up here.


"Walk of the Ents Mascot" by Gerrick Myers

This tree Mascot is truly amazing. So many details are making this piece an EPIC custom Mascot. Really love the back and the little guy living in this tree. When you are interested in a custom from Gerrick than hit him up here Gboyy22@gmail.com.

Follow Gerrick Myers here:
Instagram: @mamasboy419

BioBots by Manny X

Absolutely stunning work on these Bots....keep an eye on the launch!

Releasing them Saturday June 1st 12noon PST// patrullax.bigcartel.com// $40+shipping


Harley Quinn by TO designs

Happy that I could add this custom Bot to my collection from TO designs. Received an awesome sketch too. Hope to add some more work from him to my collection in the future. Quality stuff.

Contact TO designs here:
or here:
KR board

Custom news: AVATAR666

Ok....I am jealous now grrrrr

Villains from Megaman


KidCity by JRAD

Extremely love the smoke camo style that JRAD used on this Mascot. Extremely clean paintjob on the lines too, awesome work!

JRAD is also printing T-shirts and posters for a living, so when you are interested than hit this guy up. He is available for printing for SDCC,NYCC/DCON, but also for you other events or just for your friends to wear your logo on a T-shirt. Just contact him here press8one@gmail.com. So when you are an artist, than hit this guy up now!

Follow JRAD here:

Instagram @ratedrad


KidCity by JRAD

Hope to show you guys some bigger pictures soon. Great custom Mascot by JRAD!


Best blog and best mini series nominee!

We are nominated for the best blog for the Designer Toy Awards (Clutter Magazine), give us an helping hand and VOTE FOR US!

When you are voting, than please give us a VOTE FOR BEST MINI SERIES too! We are in with our series Good vs Evil and Old vs New.

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Blindbox series from ValleyDweller coming!

Just spotted this picture on Facebook and it seems that ValleyDweller is working on a Blindbox series of Bots for Urban Vinyl Daily. No details have been launched yet, but I reckon we will see them soon!


Last Mascots for sale!

Patrick40 contacted me that he has a few Mascots for sale. He has got some fair prices, so hit this guy up. You hardly see that Mascot 06 Robber Red, so grab it fast. You can contact him on the Kidrobot Forums or just email him p.slobbe@casema.nl

Here are the Mascots, that he has for sale...