Custom news: Bash

Official pictures will follow soon from this Bot.

Meet Geoffrey the Rasta Voodoo. He's here to sell you his evil ganja

"New Alexandrian Scout, circa 1886"

Better shots from this Mascot and a nice backstory...

This machine was hanging in the the Grand Central Museum located in the Great City of Netro. The scout was shot down while it tried to record the layout and blueprints of the city. New Alexandria has been at odds with the other 12 Great cities since it attacked its rival city. Many of the great cities reported seeing these scouts over their borders, most of them being shot down. This intrusion only intensifies the world's reluctance to deal with the floating city of New Alexandria. The floating city has been missing for quite some time, many dreading it return.

 This piece will be available at deeten.storenvy.com, today (4/30/13) sometime for $300 USD

Steampunk Mascot by DeeTen

Stunning and original Mascot by DeeTen...

Spotted on Instagram: Dondaka

Just saw on Instagram this pictures from collector Dondaka. The customs you see are from Matcandraw, impressive work!

Customs from MaloApril

This girl is popping them out and they all are looking stunning!

3 inch Bot
3 inch Bot

Custom news: Bash

WIP rasta voodoo priest


Opius and Zeluna by Squarefrog Designs

Just look at these two amazing guys. Squarefrog Designs is currently open for more customwork. Make sure you hit him up fast since I heard he will be extremely busy!

More info:  info@squarefrogdesigns.com

Opius, 7 inch Mascot
Zeluna, 3 inch Bot


Custom news: DeeTen

The head is done...

Cenobots series SOLD OUT!

I am a bit late with this news, sorry for that. The Cenobots series turned out to be an extremely succesful series. Here some of the entries that I missed with posting them (including mine grrrr)...

Tasha Zimich
Don P
Group shot, click on the pic!


Custom news: DeeTen

Curious at this result now...

Custom news: Sekure D

Oohhhhhhhh can't say how much I love that 7 inch Mascot...

Seafaring Codename Unknown boneyard pieces for the upcoming #ozcomiccon. I'm working on a whole coral inspired range for the event and am all about how these are looking. If you're interested in prepurchasing before the con hit me up!


Tenacious Toys Deal......grab that Major Lazer!

Just saw this deal......might be the perfect moment to grab that Major Lazer Mascot!

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Latest Mascot from Davemarkart

No idea how this one is called but he looks extremely cool. Love all the details and the purple is spot on!


Scummi Bear by Mostly Harmless

No idea how this one is called, but I call him Dirty Bear. This is a 3 inch Bot.

Custom news: Davemarkart

Ooohhhh love the colors...

An amazing gift from El Hooligan

Received this Bot from El Hooligan yesterday, had to make some shots from this guy. It looks amazing!

Anubis Mascot by AVATAR666

We showed you guys more Egyptian themed Bots, now we show you the first Mascot by AVATAR666. Love the mask!


An amazing set from RunDMB

An amazing set came to my home today. These guys from RunDMB are top quality. Totally in love with them!