Custom news: Mostly Harmless

Ooohhh matter of time that Mostly Harmless made a Mascot of his Bots Zombies. Love all the details on this one. He is almost done, still some touching up to do.

Custom news: Charles Rodriquez

Have to show you guys this. Charles is working on the shoes from a Mascot (he will do more) and I have never seen someone doing something like this....so awesome!!!


Custom news: Sekure D

This is the best graffiti Mascot I have seen to date.....would love to see the finished pictures!



Tiki Clown Bot for sale!

Need to move this guy, you can grab this 3 inch Bot in my store. Worldwide shipping included!



Cenobots are coming alive!

I had my doubts about this topic, but we are seeying some amazing designs on these Bots. Price will be 75 dollars and the launch date of this series will be 20/4. More info coming soon!

Custom news: Davemarkart

Davemarkart is working on an awesome sculpted Mascot. Impressive work!


Gangster vs Tagger mashup!

Love this picture from War Dog Status....

Custom news: RunDMB

Last progress pics of these guys. Amazed by this quality. This guy needs a production piece.....sleep well Kidrobot.

More works from Don P

Some more work done. When you are interested in a Mascot or Bot....hit me up: patmoslipsi@gmail.com.

Rock-S5, 3 inch Bot

Devilish, keychain

Mecha Trooper Mascot by Shawn Wigs

It was a matter of time that Shawn Wigs tried his Liberty style on a 7 inch Mascot. The mask and the gun are looking great with this piece. When you are interested in buying this piece.....than grab it here.

Shawn Wigs Liberty Style Bot


Mascot by Jerkface

This one looks so freakin clean. Love the colors and the style. Quality work!

Ultraman Bot by JAR

This one totally rocks! A great Ultraman Bot by JAR, someone has to do it and looking to the finished result....this was the best guy!


Blazon Brikhaus stunning Bots from hell!

Just look at these amazing Bots. The fire ones are already taken but the one with the hoodie is for sale.....for 90 dollars it can be yours. Be fast and send her an email: caramel.buttapecan