Custom news: Don P

Working in stages now, have to add quite some sculpt still.

Rusted Bot DEAL ONLY 20 dollars!

Custom news: Bash

More news from this Mascot...
ChuckBerry is almost done. The only problem is... The bird lost his head! So now we have to wait for his new head to arrive.-Bash

Custom news: Carson Catlin

Just WOW!!! Love the gold on this piece! Not finished yet.

Dead Mario Mascot X Bot

Sekure is killing it....

This was a private commission by an awesome collector who gave me a picture of a tshirt design which was the cover of Super Mario Brothers 2 but Mario had a scull face with the kaws style jawline. I didn't want to make it look like a Kaws piece so I flipped the shape of the jaw around a touch and went to town on it with my own style. Stoked with how it come out. 

This bot is also for the same collector who let me do whatever I wanted, just had fun with this one, already had a few people contact me to grab it after a crappy instagram picture but its spoken for, this was just a fun custom. -Sekure D


Custom news: Don P

Started also on a KidAnubis and KidHorus. Here the start of the KidAnubis one.

Custom news: Don P

Working on some Bots now. Will work next week on the Mascots that I have to make.


Custom news: Bash

Oohhhhhh love this concept. This will be a hottie!

Custom news: Sekure D

Spotted on Instagram (Mascot and Bot, and more stuff!)...

Just a couple of things that should be finished this week. Gonna be lots revealed! -Sekure D

Custom Bot by Howie Green

The second Bot from Howie Green. Great looking patterns.


Custom news: Bash

An update on this Mascot, looks pretty crazy!

Swirled Bot by EECHone

Just made some pictures from the Swirled Bot from EECHone, that I added to my collection. When you are interested in one, just send him a message here.

Custom news: Sekure D

Sekure D is working hard on this one. Can't wait for the finished pics!

Two Bots from David Stevenson

David Stevenson stayed near to the original platform, have to say these guys are looking fresh. The black with pink one is my favorite. When you would like to have a custom Bot from David, than just give him a message: david_stevenson80@hotmail.com. His prices are extremely reasonable. He asks for a 3 inch Bot $48 / £30 plus shipping.


Custom news: Bash

This one looks exciting from Bash, what will he do with it? Bash is currently open for commissions!

Custom news: Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless is working on his second Bot now and I am pretty sure that loads will follow after his first Bot. Love this hair!

Kid budtender by Dondaka

Kid budtender! Just a novelty piece, I am no artist. -Dondaka

Custom news: Carson Catlin

Master cutter Carson Catlin has done it.....

Much respect for this cutwork, the lower part was certainly not easy. Now I am curious what color he will give this Mascot?


Grrr...Bots by Fuller


I had made three too many Grrr... mascots for the last Battle of the Mascots series. So I made the rest into variants! Black and white with blue eyes. Hope you like them! -James Fuller


Custom news: Sekure D

Spotted on Instagram...

Working on this bad boy for an awesome collector! Gonna be rad when finished! Can't think of a better way to spend Australia Day than doing what I love and having a beer! - Sekure D

300, Gambit, Ryu and Wolverine by Matcandraw

The 300 Mascot is finished. Another impressive piece for a big collector (no, it isn't me). 

Matcandraw is also working on a set of 4 Bots. I have no idea what the fourth Bot will be, but here are the shots for now. I know that he will also redo the Wolverine a bit.

When you are interested in a Bot or Mascot than just shoot Matcandraw a message (matcandraw@aol.com), he has extremely good prices!


KidBison by El Hooligan

What a BADASS MASCOT! EPIC! Love this one from El Hooligan. Excellent expression and he does the character justice. When you would like to have an excellent Mascot like this, hit him up here!

Custom news: James Fuller

Originally Fuller made too many Bots for our series Old vs New. I said that we could easily solve that problem with a series of 3 Bots later this year. When I talked with some visitors from this blog, we decided to buy them all three for our own collections. The idea was to make a different version of his bot from series 2. We decided to go for a white/black version with blue eyes. Here is the WIP from this small series of Bots. Totally awesome!

News: Kidrobot Major Lazer Edition

Mintyfresh just posted this picture on Facebook. The helmet from the Major Lazer Mascot is not removable, just like the glasses. A missed chance from Kidrobot, when you ask me.


Custom news: Carson Catlin

Ooohhhh excited to see the progress of this one. The legs will be hard due to the thickness. Looking foward to the result.

Kidrobot Major Lazer Edition

Guns don’t kill people… lazers do.
1984: the Olympic Games are held in LA, President Reagan runs for re-election, the AIDS epidemic runs rampant, and underneath it all, the secret Zombie War rages. One secret soldier is rescued from the fray, his arm gone, but his spirit strong. He is given an experimental lazer prosthetic and hired by the CIA to continue his fight against the forces of evil. He fronts as a dancehall nightclub owner from Trinidad, though in truth, he is a badass Jamaican keeping the world safe from vampires and monsters, while partying hard and tweeting.
Major Lazer Kidrobot is an 8-inch vinyl homage to the renegade soldier turned CIA operative. A collaborative project of the Grammy nominated producer Diplo and DJ Switch, Major Lazer debuted with the album Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do in 2009, followed by Lazers Never Die in 2010. A new album, titled Free the Universe, featuring Diplo as the solo executive producer, is out February 2013. Major Lazer Kidrobot has a uniquely sculpted head and lazer arm to properly capture his eighties commando style and signature prosthetic. The real Major Lazer is hitting the road 2/28 for a 43 city world  headlining tour beginning in Toronto.
Retailing for $50 US, this ‘bot hits the stage February 19 at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers worldwide.

This Mascot is designed by MAD.