Mr. KidGFK by Shawn Wigs

The newest Mascot from Shawn Wigs.....just look at those shoes!

Here is my Newest 7" Mascot Mr. KidGFK ( Ghostface Killah ) Wu Tang Clans Finest turned into a Kidrobot mascot .. He's got the Ring the Eagle Braclet and the 2 tone wallabee Clarks .... Stocking Mask and All .. He'll be up for sale on my Store Shortly ...when you are interested: shawnwigs@hotmail.com


Shawn Wigs custom Mascot deal!

Shawn Wigs is having an insanely priced custom 7 inch Mascot deal. He has 3 Mascots at his home to customize and you can choose between the following topics: Wu Tang, Matrix (1 eyed Alien) and a Bones Mascot. Contact Shawn Wigs here: shawnwigs@hotmail.com

Bones Mascot, 150 dollars

Matrix Mascot, 100 dollars
Wu Tang Mascot, 125 dollars

The Kid Mommas Boy is also still for grabs, for only 125 dollars!

Wu Tang Hoodie Bot

When you say Wu Tang, than you say Shawn Wigs. He just made this extremely cool 3 inch Bot and it is up for grabs in his STORE for only 50 dollars!


Custom news: Tony Gil

Some progress...

Filling in some minor scratches and then some more sanding - Tony Gil


Custom news: Tony Gil

Finally I can post something again! Tony Gil just showed me this picture, another Free Runner Mascot?


Last set from the Christmas Bots available!

Grab the last one, you will not regret it!

When you are interested in buying a set (limited to 5 sets), than just go to his STORE. They are only 75 dollars a set (A REAL BARGAIN!!!!). When you live outside the US, than contact Salamander for the best shipping to your home (rainbow.salamander@yahoo.com).


Custom news: SquareFrogDesigns

This amazing artist will customize a Mascot in the near future. I am extremely excited what he will do with a Mascot. Just have a look at some of his excellent works and when you are ready to grab a custom from him, than just contact him here. He is still extremely affordable, so this is your chance!


Follow SquareFrogDesigns here:


Christmas Bots‏ by Salamander

Just look at this amazing army of custom Christmas Bots by Salamander. Love all the details these guys are having and Salamander did an extremely great paint job. Have to say that they look like production pieces to me, outstanding job.

When you are interested in buying a set (limited to 5 sets), than just go to his STORE. They are only 75 dollars a set (A REAL BARGAIN!!!!). When you live outside the US, than contact Salamander for the best shipping to your home (rainbow.salamander@yahoo.com).

Christmas Bots




Kid Mommas Boy by Shawn Wigs

Shawn Wigs already finished his custom Mascot, called "Kid Mommas Boy". It is up for grabs for only 125 dollars. Just give Shawn a message on his Facebookpage.


Mintyfresh CRAZYTWELVE12 deal!

Mintyfresh has an extremely good deal now.......12% discount today. An excellent deal for the European guys!

This KidOlof is up for grabs now...

He even has a low stock of KidRiots!

Time to customize this boy!

Custom news: Shawn Wigs

Shawn Wigs is working again on a 7 inch Mascot. This one will have the name "Kid Mommas Boy".....SICKNESS!


Custom news: Uncle

Uncle is currently working on this Bot called "Sad little man". Like those horns loads!


A little Sekure D for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and in the off chance you were looking for something a little different for Xmas I have a bunch of things all over the net that are still available. Here is a list of places where items are available.

1. Clutter Magazine
Really? $55 Blind Boxes! Come one guys haha. These were made for the designer toy awards  and are one of my favorite blind box series so far and are almost half price of what I typically charge. From memory there is only 2 pieces left! Available HERE

This is the first full size mascot I painted in my full Codename Unknown style, he is a greta piece and I think you really have to see him in person to appreciate his detail! I am hoping he will find a good safe home in someones collection soon! Available HERE

2. Kid Toxic Crusader
Not to sound foolish but I am honestly surprised I still have this guy! When he came out I got a tonne of questions about him and then when he dropped at Vinyl Thoughts 3 in Dallas a couple of months back nobody picked him up! He is in transit back to me now and is $200 if anyone is keen please email me at info@SekureD.com


Mutants are tasty!

Brix Pix made this painting with the KidMutant (Kidrobot Mascot 18, designed by Kozik). Love his paintingstyle in this piece. Great to see the Mascot used for something else than customizing.


Custom news: Jc Rivera

Just look what Jc Rivera just showed me...words are not enough to describe my feelings about these Mascots. They are looking amazing, can't wait to see them all finished!


Salamander's Christmas Bots

Salamander is currently working on some sets of these excellent Christmas Bots. Each set contains an elf, reindeer, and snowman. When you are already  interested in a set, than I can bring you in contact with him (just send a message to battleofthemascots@gmail.com) and otherwise the details of purchase will follow soon.

Custom news: Shadoe Delgado

Finally Shadoe is working again on his Shadowling Mascot. Love all the details, that he is adding!