Custom news: Rsin Art

Finally! One of the masters of this platform is working again on a Kidrobot Mascot. Looks great!

Custom news: j0neb0i

 j0neb0i is working again on his KidMarionette...

Separating and remolding legs. This'll have to wait til after midterms tho. Home stretch on customs and school!


Great picture: Devilish Mascot

Some photomanipulation by locotoy (KR-Forum). The original piece is a KidRoyale with some horns and wings on his back, done by locotoy himself. Pretty awesome picture!

Preparation for shipping the Bots!

Charles Rodriguez is making some boxes for his Animal Bots (OLD vs NEW series). Most artists will ship their Bots this week to the customers. When you haven't reveived your package within 3 weeks, than contact me (battleofthemascots@gmail.com). Keep in mind that we have artists from all over the world.

Rumours: Kidrobot Mascot 21

I have had some good information that Kidrobot Mascot 21 will come quite soon. Probably quarter 1 in 2013.

The last Mascot: Kidrobot 20
The original idea of a Mascot based on Ultraman has been skipped. An excellent idea in my opinion, it would not have been a huge sale success. Something refreshing will keep the Mascot platform alive.

Due to my special contacts, I have seen the concept from the Kidrobot Mascot 21. I can tell you guys, this will be the best Mascot ever.

Since I don't want problems with Kidrobot, I will not show you guys this concept. The only thing that I can say, is the fact that it will have an army feeling and that it looks extremely refreshing!


SALE: OLD vs NEW series

It’s almost time for the sale of the second series from our blog Battle of the Mascots: OLD vs NEW.

The Blind Boxes (2 from each participant as well as 10 chases so 50 in total) will be available in our store TODAY at, 5pm NYC, 7am Melbourne, 11pm Netherlands. Make sure that you are on time, because they will go fast!



Custom news: JFury

The King of Clowns is coming...oooohhh my...this one will be hot!

Before sanding!


OLD vs NEW series: CHASE (8 + 9)

He we go again, only one chase to go now!

Jester by JFury

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! JFury is on fire. Look at the insane Bot. When you don't have a JFury in your collection, than it is time to commision this great artist . He has great prices and delivers pure quality, contact him now! just-n-timedog@live.com

Jester, 3 inch Bot
Another happy customer!



OLD vs NEW series: CHASE (5 + 6)

Some more chases!

KidMegaMan by Joe Flow

Have to say this KidMegaMan by Joe Flow looks pretty awesome. Love the eyes and the blaster he made. He is ready to fire! This Mascot 7 inch is available in his shop for only 90 dollars, a real bargain when you would like to start with custom Mascots or a great addition to your collection.


Still 2 left, grab them!

Grab your chance, while they are still for sale. My Hell Slayers went to DCON 2012 and they need a new home now.


OLD vs NEW series: CHASE (1) Team OLD

Received quite some messages, when I will release a chase.....well this is the moment. We are starting with the chase from "Team OLD", made by Commandante.


OLD vs NEW series: 10 reveals!

Time to look at the first ten reveals from the OLD vs NEW series.Still 20 unique designs to go!

"The Battle of the Mascots" blind box battle is back for a second round and it is bigger than ever! This time we have 20 of the worlds best vinyl customizers doing battle for the title in what is set to be a crazy event! The warriors from battle one have joined forces to wage war against the onslaught of a new army and the line ups are stacked with talent!Team Old consists Don P, Sekure D, Commandante, Matcandraw, NikeJerk, Alex Break, Loz Hausofboz, Jfury, JC Rivera and Fuller.
The new comers are Charles Rodriquez, Stuart Witter, Color Chemist, El Hooligan, Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jar, RunDMB, MaloApril and Nugglife.

Great pics: Just Loco!

Another great shot from Luis Santiago!