Wanted: Keychain series 3 "corrections"

I have been contacted by patrick 40, that he searching this super mini keychain from series 3. It is the last one he needs from this series and when you have this keychain called "corrections" than send a message to battleofthemascots@gmail.com. You can also contact him on the KR-boards of on his FB-page 

Corrections, super mini keychain series 3

When you guys need something desperately, than just hit us up. When you have something for sale, than just contact us too and maybe we can help you out with collectors who are searching for your item.

TypoBot by Ryan the Wheelbarrow

No idea how he is making this, but this one is looking extremely cool. Imagine that this is a Bot!


Customs news: Raging Bull for Mattia by Don P

I have quite some shows coming so I am working on many stuff now. This started with a TOY2R Piggy Qee for the Mattia Show. Since I had an old design here laying around (was making a KidBoxer), I thought let's combine it. This is still a WIP and I have to add loads still. For now I will go to an other project, but I had to make a start with this one. Hope you guys like this combination of a Piggy Qee and a Mascot.

Custom news: The Forgotten Army

A little update! JMAX! is almost done now with the other colorway of this series. Keep in mind that I will do my thing and that I have an idea for the white ones. When I am done with my design, they will not be white anymore.

This series is almost sold out, when you would like to grab the last one, just send a mail to battleofthemascots@gmail.com. The price for a Bot will be only 65 dollars shipped worldwide. Keep in mind that every Bot will be unique, we will sell it as Blind-Box.

Kidrobot London Sports week!

Kidrobot London started some Bot events.....wish I could be there! When you have pics of this event feel free to send them to battleofthemascots@gmail.com.

"Kidrobot LDN Sports week starts today! (Monday) Here's the full weeks schedule of in store games. Come celebrate the sporting madness and win stuff! HOORAH!"


Mock up: Deadpool by Don P

This one will be soon made for a collector. Platform will be a Bot. I am not doing from every Mascot a mock up, but I wanted to look if I could tranform Deadpool nicely to this platform. I am currently working on more Mascots, hope to finish some soon.

Some points when you buy Mascots

I have been buying Mascots for 3 years now. I bought most on the Kidrobot forum and on eBay. You can trust cmany sellers, but sometimes you will have some problems since not everybody is honest. When you buy Mascots than look at these following points.

Pictures. It all start with pictures. Make sure that you buy from guys with good pictures. Best thing is with a name of the seller or with a date in the picture.

Items. You have to check if all the items are there. Make sure that you know wich items the Mascot has. Ask the seller if he can send a picture with the items.

Scuffs. Many Mascots are facing scuffs on their hands and items. It is quite normal, but sometimes you don't even see the paint anymore. Make sure that you always ask pictures from the hands.

Damage. Sometimes people are selling damaged or broken Mascots. I have seen several Mascots with broken arms and heads. Often the seller will tell you that this has happened with the shipping. You can't do a thing about this. The only thing that might be usefull to as the seller if he can fill the box (from the Mascot) with newspapers. When the Mascot is in his foil, you will never have problems with the newspaper.

Box. Make sure that you know how the box looks, so ask for a picture. Many boxes has been in storages for years. Main problem with this is the fact that the boxes can be a little wet.

Foils. Ask if the seller still has all the foils. It just makes it more worth if everything is complete.

Storages. I would always look out, when people say that the Mascot has been for years in a box in the storage. A storage can give paint problems and box problems. So make sure that you have some good shots!

Trusted sellers. Try to buy Mascots from trusted sellers on the boards. Same goes for eBay, just look at the history of a seller.

Package deals. The best deals I had, were the deals with more Mascots. You can often buy them cheaper, when you buy more Mascots. 

Paypal. Make sure you pay always with Paypal and don't send it as gift, unless you know the person well. Just pay the fee and make sure that you can alway get your money back.

Original or Fake? Make sure that you read this article.....CLICK HERE!

Design your Mascot!

Facundo Britos is a master in designing templates. This is the one that I will work on in the future for him. Facundo is a big fan of the Dragonball Z series. The first design is the design he originaly designed. After some discussions I designed the second picture. After that Fracundo made the final version picture 3. Have to say it really looks awesome to me. Can't wait to start on this one.
Picture 1: Original design
Picture 2: Design by Don P
Picture 3: Final design
When you would like to design your own design, than use this template. Just send us the pictures: battleofthemascots@gmail.com.


Review: New Faster, Higher, Stronger

Special thanks to locotoy from the KR-boards for delivering me this pictures for this little review. I have looked for quite some time at these pictures and here are my thoughts about this Bot.

I really like the box design, it gives the Bot a real Olympic feeling, although I am missing the Olympic colors in this design. A strange fact is the torch on the box, why is this item on the box and not on added to the design? I can understand the dumbell in this design, it suits a weghtlifter (Olympic sport), but on the box we see a running Bot?  Is the needle added because Kidrobot had some in stock or did they wanted that the design looked more hillarious?

It really annoys me that I don't see a headband that we can take off. I would rather pay more to get a great design than just a red line on his head. When it was too expensive than a little black line under and above the headband would have suited well too. Just to get a more realistic feeling. Looks like Kidrobot has listened to me, when I posted a message on Facebook, that they should add a logo on the medal. The one that was showed before did not have the logo on the medal. On the back of the Bot we see the number 12. I reckon that a number 13 would have made him even better. It would have made him more wrong than he know is. Really like the used fonton the back. His suit is looking great, it reminds me of the national soccertenue from France (Les Blues).  


This Bot gives me the feeling that it is fast made and that it was not scheduled this year. Still i like the whole package and it will certainly come in my collection. I reckon it will look great next to my basketball and boxer Bots.

Custom news: j0neb0i

j0neb0i has started hid Kidmarionette V2, as you can see this time on a Mascot. Curious to see this one full sized.


Custom news: Pj Constable

What an awesome paintjob already!

Kid Minion by Sekure D

I reckon that Sekure D thought this was easier to make than he thought. So hard to get thos glasses right. Another fantastic piece from him. This is an 7 inch Mascot.


For sale! Ducth Flower Girl by R3

R3 has one of the girls left for sale (Bot). For only 45 dollars shipped worldwide it can be yours!


Custom news: Matcandraw

Matcandraw is working hard on his KidBusters.....here a shot of the heads!



Custom news: Pj Constable

Impressive work in progress shot from Pj Contable. Can you imagine that this guy is only 16 years? Show him some love and commission him!

You can send him a message for a commission here:

Custom news: Mock-ups by Matcandraw

Matcandraw is currently working on loads of Mascots on this moment, all due to his participation in our series "Good vs Evil". Here are two stunning hero's that he is working on soon!



Product Preview – Kidrobot ‘Bots Mini Faster, Higher, Stronger Edition

Stolen from the Kidrobot Blog....some more awesomeness!

Faster, Higher, Stronger!
Welcome the newest ‘Bot Mini – an ideal specimen of 3-inch vinyl. Ready to run any race, overcome any obstacle, and win!  He even brought his own gold medal. Dressed to perform, with the year of glory printed on his back, he has a dumbbell to keep his muscles pumped and juice to keep them hydrated.

Limited to 2012 talented toys, because only the best can compete. Faster, Higher, Stronger goes for the gold July 27, retailing for $14.95 US (£12 UK, €13.90 EU) available at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailer


Custom news: Pj Constable

Upcoming customizer Pj Constable showed me just these great pictures of his first Bot, that he is working on. He has to sand it still, but this certainly looks promising!