Custom news: Damaged KidIronman by Don P

Added some more depth....


Good vs Evil series at their new owners!

The first Bots are at their new owners, so great to see this. Here are some shots!


Custom news: Shawn Wigs

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH someone got the Mascot virus....customizer Shawn Wigs is working on another Mascot. Seems that Shawn loves this platform!


Custom news: KidGhostRider by Commandante

Recently we posted a picture of the head of this Mascot from Commandante, here is the body. Really an amazing sculpt....love this jacket. Great details!


Custom news: Tony Gil

Tony Gil is working again on a new Mascot....looking forward what he will do with this one.



FARKFK is working on some Bots for the show "STRENGTH OF CHARACTER" at Kidrobot London on 31st May.  Some pictures....


Custom news: Jay222

Jay222 finished his Bot too for Kidrobot San Francisco.


Custom news: KidDanger by Don P

Have to fix some things on this one still and he need some arms but almost done....

Custom news: Battle Damaged KidIronman by Don P

Another project from me....only the first layer of paint.

KidKingLouis by Salamander

Sometimes you receive something extremely special and i have to say this great custom is from this category. What a great detailed piece is this. Enjoy this awesome piece from Salamander, that currently is on display at Kidrobot San Francisco.



Custom news: Finished Jay222

I have no idea how this one is called. Jay222 just finished this Mascot for Kidrobot SF.


KidSpider by Matcandraw

I needed a good friend of my KidIron, so i decided to ask Matcandraw for a KidSpider. This is his result. I only can say.....MORE THAN AWESOME!!!!!


Custom news: Commandante

Some more wips of the Mascot from Commandante. The hair is extremely well executed. You just have to love that skull too.


KidBountyHunter by Ash Shiota

KidBoutyHunter is finished and how awesome does he look. Great work Ash!



Custom news: KidRusty by JMAX!

This is what i call rust! Just insane. It is not finished yet, but i think it is now on 80 percent.

Custom news: Jay222

Jay222 started with the paintjob....really curious where this one is going too!


Custom news: Ash Shiota

Just saw this on the KR-boards, uploaded by Ash Shiota


Good vs Evil, some more pics!

Two other pics from two chases of Team Evil....just because i love them!

Brain by Nikejerk (chase Team Evil)
Death Army by Commandante (chase Team Evil)

Custom news: Jay222

His latest shot...

He feeds off brains of bots...