Kidrobot Mascot 11, are they all real or not?

For a long time i have the feeling, that there might me some Bloody Hates and Loves fake. For the people that don't know who these Bloody variants are, well they are the chases of the Kidrobot Mascot 11 Love and Hate.

Why am i thinking that there are some fake ones? Well this is quite easy to explain.....i hardly see Kidrobot 05 Shinjuku's on the net, while i see those Bloody varients all over. I just see them to much in collections and i see them very often for sale. Besides that you can bring that bleed quite easily on the Mascots.

When you imagine that the Kidrobot Mascot 11 Love and Hate chases are limited to 100 pieces each (just like the Shinjuku), it just have to make you start thinking if they are all real chases. The more i think about it, they more i have the feeling that there are fake ones. When you have this Mascot, try to look good at the bleed and compare it with the pieces that you can find on the net. I really hope that i am wrong with these thoughts, but i am quite sure that there are quite some sellers who are having the wrong intentions.....especially on Ebay!

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  1. The other reason you see more love/hate is because they were just released and are still being purchased and not all in private collections yet. Give it a few years and you wont see these anywhere other than someone who had an emergency and needs the funds.