Best customs on the net: DrilOne

When you say rust and metal.....i say DrilOne (Alex Dril)! His rust looks so real on his amazing pieces. It is not easy to get a rust look like this, seen quite some rust from others but his are top notch. This guy made some amazing custom Kidrobot Mascots, that i have to show you guys!

Enjoy them!

Check out more works from DrilOne here:


SOLD OUT! Mascot season 2 by Sekure D

Good news! This series sold out within an hour! Thanks all!

Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot bootlegs? (part 2)

Way sooner than i expended this story continues. In the first part we discussed if this Kidrobot Mascot 02 is a bootleg. two versions or a factory sample.

Today i received a message from patrick40 (forummember KR-boards) that the mascots were in. When i heard that his Kidrobot Mascot 02 that he bought was different, i was intrigued. I needed to see it with my own eyes...otherwise i would have never believed it. Since the seller was extremely unhappy with this situation, he sold the "different" mascot to me for a good price. I really wanted it!

You people think, why the heck did he bought that piece? I can explain that easily.......i bought more factory samples. For example my KidIndian is made from a sample mascot from Kidrobot. This sample was a KidRifter. It was funny to see how this sample looked. The pattern was wrong, the colors different, his beard was metallic brown and his skin was orange. When you look at my KidIndian you can still see the original skin of this mascot. The guy who sold me this mascot told me that a friend of him was working at Kidrobot and that he took this sample out of the garbage can.

Today i received a message from Kidrobot concerning the pictures that i send in part 1, most of the people that were working at Kidrobot were thinking that it was a bootleg.....but they are not sure and i think i know why!

I will explain is with these pictures that patrick40 took today. He made shots of the mascots and the items. I will explain the differences between the sample and the original.

Picture 1: Front

1. No idea how i should call this, well let's call it his hair. There is a diffence in height. It is a bit smaller than the original.

2. Looking at his head you can say it is not right but oblique. Also the position of his mouth to his body, is smaller than the original. You can see that his whole head is positioned wrong. In the next pictures you can see this way better.

3. His number is way smaller than the original. The font is the same.

4. His watch is green on the original one this watch his way darker.

5. You can see that his colorscheme is different...in the original you can see way more contrast.

Picture 2: Side

1. You can see that the whole position of the head is different.

Picture 3: Back

 1. Ouch.........someone needed glasses...........mmmm well let's say the head is not positioned perfectly.

2. The text San Francisco is gone.

3. Paint issues on his belt.

Picture 4: Shoes

1. Green text. Other than that identical.

Picture 5: Bottle

 1. You can see that there is a bit change in height. The sample has a smaller neck.

Picture 6: Flower

Special note: these ones are changed.....sample and orginal are opposite

1. The middle part of the sample is not round.

2. This part is thicker.

3. You can see it bad on this picture but the leaves of the original are more straight. You can see a waved line too, well the original is straight.

4. Really hard to see, (i got more pics) but the sample stalk is more waved.

Looking at all these pics you see enormous differences. Since it are so many differences, my conclusion is that this piece is a factory sample. These 5 facts are making me think that this mascot is a factory sample.

1. I haven't seen a Kidrobot Mascot 02 like this sample in every collection that i know and i know loads. If it is a bootleg there should be more, why should someone do so much to copy a piece and make only 1 piece out of it?

2. To many different parts, like the colorscheme, the position of the head, the text in his shoes etc. With so many different parts it is unlikely that it is a bootleg. Everyone that will make a bootleg, will make it quite similar and not totally different, while a factory sample has different stages in the process of making.

3. The paint issues on the belt are making me thinking, that it is a factory sample. Why should you care how the paints are when you are in the process of making a piece?

4. All items on the original piece are more realistic, this makes me think that these items were made before the original ones.

5. I have got more factory samples...and i reckon that more people have them!

All these points are making me think that this piece is a factory sample, what do you guys think? I hoped that you enjoyed reading this article!

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Best customs on the net: dear earthling

From the moment that i saw this custom mascot, i had to search who made it.....in my search i came by the name dear earthling (Jeremiah Hammer). 

What a great style and colorcombination does this mascot have. I am really amazed by all the details that this mascot is having. I wish that he had made more custom mascots, since his style is suiting perfectly on this platform.

Enjoy this absolutely stunning mascot!

Check out more works from dear earthling here:



Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot bootlegs?

An amazing story came to me some weeks ago, about two different Kidrobot Mascots 02.

Forummember gonedaddyfinch (KR-boards) was selling a Kidrobot Mascot 02. With the time he was making pictures. he noticed something very strange.......he saw that his own mascot was different than the one he just sold. Shocked as he was he made some pictures of both mascots and showed these ones to his buyer. Since he is a really good boardie he decided to give his own mascot to this buyer. It is a real pitty to see that he was scammed.........or was he not scammed?

The right one is the legit one. As you guys can see there is a difference in color, textsize, text on the back and text on the feet. Still you can see that they are from the same mold.

I have thought a long time about this situation and there can be three options:

Option 1 - Factory Sample? It would be one of a kind than and could be extremely interesting for collectors that are having all the mascots.

Option 2 - Kidrobot made two versions of this one? Maybe a mistake in the factory?

Option 3 - Bootleg? If this is the fact......go and look at your Kidrobot Mascot 02!

I asked Kidrobot today to solve this situation, so this story will be continued.....

Full reveal! "Mascot Season 2" by Sekure D

What an amazing series made Sekure D. His characters are extremely original, especially on these little mascots (bots 3 inch). You can see that these mascots are going well with all type of characters. Sekure D is showing that this platform should be used more for customizing.

The price for these bots? Only 65 dollars

Where can i get them? http://sekured.bigcartel.com/

Enough blabla talking from me, let's go to the characters!

Release details "Mascot Season 2" by Sekure D

The mascot release details are as follows.

New York Time: Tuesday 28th Feb at 6pm (EST)
Melbourne: Wednesday 29th Feb (EDT)

Keep an eye on this shop

A full reveal of characters for the Masots are following soon!


Collectors interview: mistachael

The first collector that we are interviewing, is a special collector for me. I traded loads of mascots with this guy and i reckon that he did that with quite some other collectors too. He always showed me good pictures, with all the details/scuffs he saw. Besides that he shipped fast and always informed of the status. A real good boardie and a great guy when you know him better. Here we go!

Forum name: mistachael (KR-boards)
Real name: Michael L.
Age: 29
Location: Bay Area California
Country: USA

When did you get interested in designer toys?
Right after the KR Simpsons Series 1 came out, I got a case as a birthday present and I have been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite platform to collect? Or do you have more?
KR mascots hands down.

How big is your collection, what do you have?
I would say about 130 figures.

What is your most expensive piece?
KR04 GID Halloween

What is your most favorite toy and your most hated toy in your collection?
Most favorite would definitely be my KR10 The Ugly by Huck Gee. My least favorites would be the mascot candles, but regardless I still need to have them.

Wich direction are you going with your collection?
Last year I decided to sell of most of my other vinyl and concentrate mainly on mascots. I'm still sticking with that plan until I have every single production run mascot.

Do you have also customs? When it is a yes, who are your favourite customizers? What is your favourite custom that you own?
I actually didn't really get into customs until recently so I don't have any of them in my hands just yet. There are a lot of great customizers that I like such as Fuller, B.A.L.D, NikeJerk, and IgorVentura. And I can't forget about Don_P and Sekure D for giving mascots all this love recently.

What is your advice to new collectors to get a collection like this?
Be patient or else you'll go broke really fast.

Can you show us your collection?
I still don't have a nice display case just yet, but I just had to take out all my mascots just to take a nice picture of my collection so far.

Design your own Kidrobot Mascot!

Most customizers are using this template, when they are designing a Kidrobot Mascot.

It would be great to see your ideas on paper. So if anyone has some designs to show us, just mail us battleofthemascots@gmail.com

The best idea will receive something special!

The hunt for the Kidrobot Mascot 05 Shinjuku

This is probably the hardest figure to get in your collections.I am not talking about some AP's but i am talking about the normal figures of this series of mascots.

Only 100 mascots were made (2005) of this mascot by Tristan Eaton. Loads of collectors are on the hunt for this one and are ready to pay enormous prices for this mascot, just to make their collection complete. I see real biddingwars coming on Ebay, when this one will be up for sale.

In the past years i saw seldom this mascot in collections. I am really curious were the other mascots are? Were are people keeping them? Are they in garages? In boxes?

If you have one in your collection, than send us a picture and we will try to make a nice collage of all these Shinjuku's, you can send it to: battleofthemascots@gmail.com

Show us those Shinjuku's! They have to be seen!

Best customs on the net: motorbot

In the search of great custom Kidrobot Mascots i came by the name motorbot.

Motorbot is a wellknown name in the scene of customizing designer toys and he is famous with his metal- and wooddesigns on many platforms. The lastest works i saw from him are homemade rsin toys. All these toys are extremely original and he is pushing the limits with his little monsters.

I found these two custom mascots from motorbot. The first one is made in his lumber-style and the second one is made in his scrapped metalstyle.

Enjoy these works!

Check out more works from motorbot here:

Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot 21?

Last week Patrick Slobbe (patrick40, member of the KR-boards) showed a picture on Kidrobot's Facebookpage from the book "The Art Of Huck Gee" (Freakinkram88, also member of the Kr-boards pointed him on this book).

He showed us a concept of a mascot from Huck Gee. Looking at this picture, i am quite sure this one was called KidSteampunk. It seems that this one was a concept for mascot no.20. A real pitty that this one has not been produced. It would have been an insane mascot with excellent details. These details would have made this mascot quite expensive.....but i am also quite sure that people would have loved to pay good for this one. Huck Gee is hot these days and everything that he touches turns into gold. Enjoy this picture and let's hope that Kidrobot will release this one, because this one is really something else!


Best customs on the net: Nikejerk

A wellknown name for customizing Kidrobot Mascots is Nikejerk (Jared Cain). With his typical style he created these amazing customs. I really hope that we will see more mascots this year from Nikejerk, his style is suiting the mascot extremely well. The used items on these mascots are really well designed, so much creativity.

Nikejerk used a Kidrobot Mascot 17 SGT for his Spartan Mascot. For his Genghis Khan and Shaka Zulu he used two Kidrobot Mascot 16 Kidpunks.

Enjoy these works!

Check out more works from Nikejerk here:


Custom news! SekureD brings us "Mascot Season 2"

SekureD comes this year with his second series "Mascot Season 2", this series is based on the Kidrobot Bot (3 inch).

His first series sold out in less than an hour and his second series looks even more promising. To refresh your minds or that you haven't seen his first series here a picture of the bots that he made.


His first blind series contained 9 bots, these were the characters Captain America, Hulk, Homer, Jordan, Codename Unknown Robot, Codename Unknown Robot, Sponge Bob, Incredible, Swamp Thing.

For "Mascot Season 2" he showed already some really great pictures of his bots. This series is really something else. The creativity that he putted in all these bots is extremely good. He dares to level up with his designs, you can see now that he started with sculpting and he added even clothes to the toys. This series will be really something else. SekureD is bringing the bot to a higher level now. You better be online when he launches his series, because it will be sold out in no-time!

Here are the bots that he already finished......i call them eyecandy, just like the Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka oops...a little hint for one of the bots that will come!

Review: KidNeutron and KidRoyale

This week Kidrobot will launch their new mascots KidNeutron and KidRoyale. Since we have our own connections, i could take my hands on these two new mascots before their launch.

I will give you in this small review my thoughts about these two mascots. I hope you enjoy it!

Black, white and cyan.....i really thought that these ones were designed by MAD when i saw these mascots, but they were soooooooooo clean that it could not be a design by MAD!

When i first saw these designs i was really dissapointed, at that time i was convinced it was the new Kidrobot Mascot 21. The first picture that i saw on the net, was a picture of the KidRoyale. He had a hat just like the Gangster bot that Kidrobot released some months ago. This was the picture i saw....and that hat ouch just loved it!

When Kidrobot started to show some pictures of the mascots the hat of the Royale was gone. I reckon that the hat was to pricey to add....very logical when you see the pricetag of a these mascots 29,95 dollars. A really incredible price for a 7 inch Mascot.

With the release of these mascots Kidrobot made clear, that these ones are not part of the series and that they are in Kidrobot's permanent collection, so not limited. Seems that Kidrobot opens the door for new collectors and customizers with these two mascots.

When i saw this one in reallife my dissapointment was gone. Really love the head of this one. The white looks like milk.....what a great color! The cyan color is really fitting these mascots well, again this color is so bright. These mascots will stand out from your normal Kidrobot collection.

The only missed chance that i see is that Kidrobot should have add a KR-sign on his shirt. It would have made him way better. The raygun is an accessoiry, that you see with the 7 inch Munny's. It is nice that this raygun has the same color as his trousers, but a missed chance when you asked me. The raygun is nothing special and i don't see the connection with a plain design and a raygun.

What i can i say about this one, well he has a great colorcombo. Love the black combinated with the cyan. Also this one is extremely plain. Seems that Kidrobot took the head of a KidRiot for this one. Also this spraycan accessoiry is from a 7 inch Munny. I am really missing some splats on this one. You can see that the can has some leftovers of paint and this KidRoyale is so clean. Again a missed chance. It would have made this figure so much better.

Afterall these mascots are looking good for these pricetag and i reckon that Kidrobot did a good thing to add them to the collection. I am quite sure that these mascots will be more populair in the future and that you will see more collectors. I reckon that you will see far more customs too. Strategical this is a good thing, but for me as collector and customizer of these mascots Kidrobot missed some chances to make it extremely populair. Some small changes would have suited these guys extremely well.

Ahhhh well i should not complain so much that price is a bargain. Go to the store and get them, they really stand out in your collection!