Threadless X Kidrobot!

Design a t-shirt inspired by Kidrobot’s ‘Bot.
Kidrobot turns playing with your toys into an artistic endeavor, cranking out vinyl figurines with cutting-edge flair and undecorated creatures waiting for your unique stamp to make them pop. And overseeing every sinister hop of a Dunny or bare glare of a Munny is their shape-shifting mascot, The ‘Bot.
With his bristly Mohawk and defiant sneer, The ‘Bot is at home on the fringes of any scene—high fashion, punk, skate, hip-hop, graffiti, you name it. And with your help, he’s ready to infiltrate the Threadless community!
Your challenge is to bring Kidrobot’s ‘Bot to an original t-shirt design. Take cues from the cheeky, fresh, hard-living, and artist-inspired style of The 'Bot to create your own 'Bot infused work of wearable art that will proudly hang in any scene.

Keep in Mind:
  • You can use The ‘Bot head alone or with his body, but the artwork must contain at least The ‘Bot head framework.

  • No outside characters are allowed in your design.

  • Get creative with your ‘Bot design, but remember, the final artwork must still be recognizable as the Kidrobot mascot.

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