A good friend of mine taged me on this post from Jesse Hernandez on Facebook. I was totally stunned by these two EXCELLENT rejected designs for the Kidrobot Mascot 21.

I really can't believe that designs like these did not make it. I am a bit dissapointed in Kidrobot. First we saw the excellent design from Huck Gee now we miss these two great Mascots. I am pretty sure that all Mascots from these two designers will easily sell and main thing, I would pay more for designs like these.

The Major Lazer is a nice Mascot but to be honest, I dig it when I can put the Mascot with or without items. I don't like the fact that a Mascot is solid and is missing the typical Kidrobot eyes.

Kidrobot just give us our Mascot line back with designs like these. It looks like the direction from Kidrobot, is one without numbers on the Mascots. The Kidrobot Major Lazer Mascot is not Mascot 21, otherwise it would have had the numbers.

I had to write down some thoughts of me. I am addicted to Mascots, but it is time that someone listens to the collectors and I am pretty sure that I speak for the most of you guys.

KIDROBOT BRING OUR NUMBERED MASCOT LINE BACK (and freakin start with these two designs)!


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