Custom news: MaloApril

Ahhhh good to see more Bots coming from MaloApril...really love her style!

Custom news: Flawtoys

Flawtoys started his first Bot, pretty excited for this one. When you are interested in a Bot from him, than hit him up fast!

when you don't know Flawtoys, here a custom in his style...


Honey I shrunk my Twin Brother by Bash Projects

Here some official pics of these two excellent customs by Bash Projects!

Jason and Johnny were just like your average twin Voodoo priests... They did everything together! They eat together, sleep together, curse people together... they even dress the same. But one day something goes horribly wrong: Jason accidentally shrunk his brother to less then half his size... 



Latest Bots from Mostly Harmless

This guy is awesome. The WindUp Bot is still for sale...only 50 dollars guys!

Hit me up at MOSTLYHARMLESSVINYLCUSTOMS@GMAIL.com for a commision of your own!

KidSmokey by JRAD

This Bot (3 inch) from JRAD is totally awesome. Love the brain patterns and the lungs, also the smoke is top notch. When you are interested in this piece than give this guy an email.(jradtakular@gmail.com)....be fast it will be gone soon!


Voodoo priest Mascot and minime Bot by Bash Projects

Awesome set by Bash Projects!
The voodoo priest mascot and minime bot are done! Don't be afraid of the black magic, just keep smiling!

Custom news: Mike Die

We posted a long time ago a WIP from this Mascot by Mike Die, looks that this one will go hard now!

Custom news: Bash Projects

The KidVoodoo Mascot has a little friend now...have the feeling that these guys will look awesome!


"Off with their Heads" by Davemarkart

This custom Bot is finished. Creepy concept. Just heard it is sold too, when you are interested in a Bot from Davemartkart than just hit him up here. Keep in mind that he has a waitinglist for some months.

Custom news: Carson Catlin

Carson is working on a Rasta Bot....awesome idea!

Custom news: Joe Flow

Joe Flow is making a 3 inch version of his KidMegaman. Starts to look great!


Custom news: Davemarkart

A monster is coming....and a little one!


A good friend of mine taged me on this post from Jesse Hernandez on Facebook. I was totally stunned by these two EXCELLENT rejected designs for the Kidrobot Mascot 21.

I really can't believe that designs like these did not make it. I am a bit dissapointed in Kidrobot. First we saw the excellent design from Huck Gee now we miss these two great Mascots. I am pretty sure that all Mascots from these two designers will easily sell and main thing, I would pay more for designs like these.

The Major Lazer is a nice Mascot but to be honest, I dig it when I can put the Mascot with or without items. I don't like the fact that a Mascot is solid and is missing the typical Kidrobot eyes.

Kidrobot just give us our Mascot line back with designs like these. It looks like the direction from Kidrobot, is one without numbers on the Mascots. The Kidrobot Major Lazer Mascot is not Mascot 21, otherwise it would have had the numbers.

I had to write down some thoughts of me. I am addicted to Mascots, but it is time that someone listens to the collectors and I am pretty sure that I speak for the most of you guys.

KIDROBOT BRING OUR NUMBERED MASCOT LINE BACK (and freakin start with these two designs)!



Custom news: Dcay

Dcay is currently working on his Bluntman and Chronic commission.Curious how they will look, when they are painted.

Swirled Bot and Keychains by EECHone

Well here are the shots in color! Love that blue bot!

Mini keychains by Matcandraw

It is so impressive to see these ones. It is so hard to paint this little guys well, but Matcandraw nailed it!


Dondaka's Hate Bot

Yeah this looks definitely awesome. Really hope that Bots series 2 will bring us some variants of the bigger Mascots. Love this concept by Dondaka. Excellent paintwork too!

Custom news: Davemarkart

It was a matter of time when Davemarkart started his first Bot, since he was pretty excited when he finished his first Mascot. I like the start of this one!

Custom news: Dcay

Dcay is currently working on this custom Bot. Looking great already.


Valentine's Day Offer!

Valentine's Day Offer!

Kidrobot Mascotte 11 - Love & Hate Set

NEW! Price: €199.99

More works from David Stevenson

This guy is pumping them out, he is open for commissions at this moment so when you are interested than hit him up!

Mascot by David Stevenson

Ahhh I was waiting for this 7 inch Mascot, looking great David!

Custom news: Ryan the Wheelbarrow

Just spotted on Instagram, a new typo Bot from Ryan....

Custom news:JRAD

Ooohh my favorite colors are in this custom. Starts to look awesome.

I need more hours in the work day..hoping to detail out some brains tomorrow and finish the rest up. -JRAD