New York Comic Con Wrap up - SEKURE D

 So where to start? I have always wanted to come to a Comic Con in the USA. It has been a dream for a very long time, and to have a dream like that come true has been amazing, let alone being invited to participate with signings. A very big thank you to Clutter and Kidrobot for hosting my sketch sessions; it was an awesome experience and it’s really amazing to meet fans of your work face-to-face in such an environment! I won’t ramble or write an essay here, I am sure there is a tonne of coverage online from the event but I did luckily have my good friend Wade from Melbourne with me, so we got some pictures that I would like to share, mainly of the highlights of the new days!

This was the first official day of the Con after the VIP half day on the Thursday and I had my signing at Clutter starting at 10am! The traffic was a little slow to begin with but it picked up (that was to be expected, first thing Friday morning!) I met a bunch of sweet people and the Clutter crew are all awesome at life! The Friday was my favorite Comic Con day, it was busy but not so busy that you got claustrophobic and had to wait in huge lines for everything.


After the signing I took the opportunity to do the rounds so to speak and got the chance to meet and get a print sketched on by the one and only Neal Adams! I could not believe it, Neal freakin’ Adams! He was one of the few guys you had to pay to get to sign something but I figured it may be my only chance to ever speak to and get a Batman sketch from him so I coughed up the cash and locked in my print, soon to be framed and added to the walls of the Sekure D Studio!

 As we made our way around I heard someone say the word, Gibbons! Surely not… surely Dave Gibbons wasn’t in the building? Well I had to find out and after a few questions managed to find out he was doing a signing at the booth we were walking past. What incredible luck! As you probably already know I am an insanely huge Watchmen fan and this was literally the opportunity of a lifetime for me! I stood in line and sent Wade to go buy me a copy of Watchmen for him to sign! Not only did he sign it, he did a quick Rorschach sketch!

 One of the guys on the booth told Dave about my Watchmen themed tattoo and he had to check it out! I was honestly a little embarrassed to have my shirt lifted up but hey, what a good story! He was such a good dude and signed everyone’s stuff free of charge, I would have paid whatever he asked but he is a super humble dude.

 After meeting Dave we went to the Before Watchmen panel and then the Legendary panel where Guillermo Del Toro played a trailer for Pacific Rim and it looks insane! Don’t worry, no spoilers! Friday wasn’t over however and I headed to the Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Party and then to My Plastic Heart for the Doc A show… what an insane day!!!!

 So this is how cattle feel? I know it was sold out but damn what insanity! I don’t have many epic stories from this day… we hit some panels and I bought some stuff but most notably we had the Designer Toy Awards hosted by Clutter, and what a sick night! One of the best things about these four days has been meeting such an awesome array of artists that I admire and finding out they are cool dudes. J*Ryu, Angry Woebots, Nugglife, Erick Scarecrow, Rsin, Brotherford, Alex Pardee, the list goes on and on! Here are some more pics, customs by Rsin and his killer new Dunny collab, customs by Nugglife and a new collaboration release between Marvel and Vans!

 It’s the last day and it’s so sad. I was tired after the DTAs especially because I started painting my Mega MUNNY for my appearance at Kidrobot this coming Saturday but today was the day I did my Kidrobot appearance and it was awesome! Today it was slammed as well – kids day – so there were people everywhere! I followed the talented Jason Freeny and was honored to have a line of people waiting for me. I felt so proud I stayed back and extra 40mins sketching for people. Here are some pics from the session.


 Some of the awesome people who stopped in to get a sketched MUNNY or page.
 So that’s Comic Con! There is SO much I have not included but short of reviewing the whole event and all the rad things I did I figured I would try to keep this post as much to the point as possible. I had such an amazing time, I want to do it again asap! Thanks to everyone who came to visit me, who I bought awesome stuff from and to all the artists and organizers I spent time with, you made it an amazing 4 days! Thank you!

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