"KidHoHoHo" Christmas Bot

Spotted on Spankystokes:

Set to be released just in time for the holiday season, Kidrobot's newest 'Bots Mascot is "KidHoHoHo." Standing the standard 3-inches tall, "KidHoHoHo" is a vinyl figure "with rivets mimicking tin construction with white beard, eyebrows, and mohawk under his red and white vinyl hat," which is removable. The wind-up key in his back is non-removable and the figure will have five points of articulation ("head at neck, and each arm at the shoulder and wrists"). Within the closed box packaging, there will be a 1-in-10 "Naughty Edition" variant as opposed to the "Nice Edition" people will normally pull. Scheduled to ship in November 2012, "KidHoHoHo" will retail for $14.95 each.

Rumour: We have heard that we can expect also a Vampire Bot in the near future. This one will be launched around Halloween.

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