Wonkabot & Umpa Dunpa

One of the most amazing custom Mascots I have ever seen. Speechless! Ian Ziobrowski (Nugglife) did a hell of a job on this one. Love the robot effect he has given to the Wonkabot. EPIC!

Ian Ziobrowski:
Here's my new commission "Wonkabot & Umpa Dunpa", which are custom 7 inch Kidrobot Mascot, and 3 inch Dunny.  With the inspiration provided by the client, we came up with a concept that expresses the evil side of Willy Wonka.  Growing up hes always creeped me out, with his fluctuating personalities.  Everything about him from the ongoing trickery to the weird stares of evil, it would always make me wonder what kind of person he really was. After going back an forth, and really studying his personality, I finally came up with a sketch. Here's my Evil Wonkabot, next time your at the candy store just remember those little sweet bags of evil can be mind blowing!  

I certainly hope that Ian will get more commission Mascots, they are candy for your eyes!

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  1. Fabulous! Totally amazing, love the paint application and the facial expressions.