Hot news: Kidrobot Mascot 21 cancelled!

We heard a rumour, that Kidrobot has cancelled their upcoming Kidrobot Mascot 21 for quarter 4 of this year. 

I wonder why they did this? Is it because of a new series of Bots that will come at the end of this year (not confirmed, just a thought)? Or was the sales of the latest Kidrobot Mascot 20 (KidOlof) dramatic? I even saw this one on several sites new in box for 19.95 dollars. Or did to many people know how the new design would look?

Really hope that this rumour is not true. Hopefully we can tell you guys more about the release of the Kidrobot Mascot 21 in the near future.


  1. I think this is false- I heard the manager at KRNY talking about the next Mascot on Thursday.

  2. I hope it is not true, but I have a good source.