Some points when you buy Mascots

I have been buying Mascots for 3 years now. I bought most on the Kidrobot forum and on eBay. You can trust cmany sellers, but sometimes you will have some problems since not everybody is honest. When you buy Mascots than look at these following points.

Pictures. It all start with pictures. Make sure that you buy from guys with good pictures. Best thing is with a name of the seller or with a date in the picture.

Items. You have to check if all the items are there. Make sure that you know wich items the Mascot has. Ask the seller if he can send a picture with the items.

Scuffs. Many Mascots are facing scuffs on their hands and items. It is quite normal, but sometimes you don't even see the paint anymore. Make sure that you always ask pictures from the hands.

Damage. Sometimes people are selling damaged or broken Mascots. I have seen several Mascots with broken arms and heads. Often the seller will tell you that this has happened with the shipping. You can't do a thing about this. The only thing that might be usefull to as the seller if he can fill the box (from the Mascot) with newspapers. When the Mascot is in his foil, you will never have problems with the newspaper.

Box. Make sure that you know how the box looks, so ask for a picture. Many boxes has been in storages for years. Main problem with this is the fact that the boxes can be a little wet.

Foils. Ask if the seller still has all the foils. It just makes it more worth if everything is complete.

Storages. I would always look out, when people say that the Mascot has been for years in a box in the storage. A storage can give paint problems and box problems. So make sure that you have some good shots!

Trusted sellers. Try to buy Mascots from trusted sellers on the boards. Same goes for eBay, just look at the history of a seller.

Package deals. The best deals I had, were the deals with more Mascots. You can often buy them cheaper, when you buy more Mascots. 

Paypal. Make sure you pay always with Paypal and don't send it as gift, unless you know the person well. Just pay the fee and make sure that you can alway get your money back.

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