Review: New Faster, Higher, Stronger

Special thanks to locotoy from the KR-boards for delivering me this pictures for this little review. I have looked for quite some time at these pictures and here are my thoughts about this Bot.

I really like the box design, it gives the Bot a real Olympic feeling, although I am missing the Olympic colors in this design. A strange fact is the torch on the box, why is this item on the box and not on added to the design? I can understand the dumbell in this design, it suits a weghtlifter (Olympic sport), but on the box we see a running Bot?  Is the needle added because Kidrobot had some in stock or did they wanted that the design looked more hillarious?

It really annoys me that I don't see a headband that we can take off. I would rather pay more to get a great design than just a red line on his head. When it was too expensive than a little black line under and above the headband would have suited well too. Just to get a more realistic feeling. Looks like Kidrobot has listened to me, when I posted a message on Facebook, that they should add a logo on the medal. The one that was showed before did not have the logo on the medal. On the back of the Bot we see the number 12. I reckon that a number 13 would have made him even better. It would have made him more wrong than he know is. Really like the used fonton the back. His suit is looking great, it reminds me of the national soccertenue from France (Les Blues).  


This Bot gives me the feeling that it is fast made and that it was not scheduled this year. Still i like the whole package and it will certainly come in my collection. I reckon it will look great next to my basketball and boxer Bots.

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