City Bots: SF Bot review

Since I have them all at my home now, it is time for some better shots of the City Bots and a little review of them. Second Bot of this series of reviews is the SF Bot.

The Bot is from a good quality (no paint problems) and also his item is looking solid. His Chinese foodbag fits well in his hands. The text on the bag is extremely sharp and good to read, just like his cap. Chopsticks in his other hand, would have made him hillarious.

It stays a pitty that we can't put the cap how we like. I love the Kidrobot logo on the back of his cap, a really nice touch. A strange fact is his shirt, his arms are having a sharp pattern while his body is a bit blurred. No idea if this was the purpose, but it makes me dizzy.

Something that I really can't understand is the fact that this guy has black ears? Was the original design made with a beard (that would have suited extremely well to this piece)?

I personally think that this design is not the strongest in this series, with some more attention it would have been way better. Nonetheless it looks way better than some designs from series 1.


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