City Bots: LA Bot review

Since I have them all at my home now, it is time for some better shots of the City Bots and a little review of them. I will start with the LA Bot, since that one is my favorite.

The box is extremely nice designed on the outside and it suits the Bot. The box is quite hard to open when you want no damage on your box, so be carefull with this. The Bot packed in a silver foil bag and when i open the bag, I can see that his items is also sealed in a transperant plastic bag.

The Bot is from a good quality (no paint problems) and also his item is looking solid. Really love all the tattoos on his body, so small, but no quality loss. The bandana suits this piece and seems strong to me. A nice gun would have suited pretty well too, but in this series it is all about iconic items so they choosed for this Starbucks can.. This Bot has it all and now we have to wait for an 8 inch version!

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