Kidrobot Mascot 10 Good, Bad & Ugly AP's

Only 20 sets were made of these ones....the Kidrobot Mascot 10 AP's (artist proofs).
The Good, Bad & Ugly, what a great set!

It was quite hard to find a picture of them. I have to say, that i really did not know how they would look like, so i started a search on the net (with help from patrick40).

First we found this picture, but these guys were the paint proofs from Huck Gee.
Believe it or not but i have this Ugly at my home, for a good offer i will let it go, just contact me battleofthemascots@gmail.com.
After this we kept on looking for a picture....and we found this one....called KR10 AP's and we searched for something special in this picture and we could not find something special in this picture. Quite funny to see was that the paint proofs were in this picture too.
What a great army!
Some hours later we found these pictures...the owner stated that this was an AP! The only thing i saw was this signed hat.
Huck went wild on this hat!
and we found another signed hat....
A strange shape...but it is a KR 10 hat.
At least we found a picture from one of these AP's and as you can see it is signed and there were only 20 signed each. Each AP has the word AP on it and a signature from Huck Gee.
Number 7 from 20

If you guys are having better shots from these AP's feel free to contact us!

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