Good vs Evil series: FULLER VS JC RIVERA

A new reveal!

This is what Spankystokes said about these Bots...

The previously announced the upcoming "Battle of the Mascots" customs series denoted that Fuller would be on 'Team Good,' but I gotta say that his piece look like complete bad ass evil to me. So I e-mailed him to ask his thinking on the matter and he kindly explained that these are "Heaven's Death Squad," which I'm taking to mean something like angels of vengeance. And see, they do have little wings on their beautifully rendered skull emblems. Regardless of the question whether these look like 'good guys' or not, they do all look absolutely stunning. Fuller's fades are impeccable and his one-off chase variant, pictured dead center, has some outstanding additional work to it. Another killer piece for this sure to be classic release…

and now his opponent...from TEAM EVIL - JC RIVERA
This is what Spankystokes said about these Bots...

Oh my, JC Rivera's customs for the previously announced upcoming "Battle of the Mascots" mini series are serious contenders… but, then again, what do you expect when you name your figures "Evil Motha Fuckrs?" Per usual, Rivera does it completely right: perfect sculptural elements, painted in his washed style, and it all looks great. The one-off chase variant (in the middle) is a little weak in terms of differences with the regular four figures, but… c'mon, is that seriously a problem?

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