Collector news: Kidrobber's proof!

Some days ago kidrobber (named after his first Mascot) from the KR-board showed me his insane collection....most in boxes!!!!! Here are the pictures and the list what he has.....just amazing!

Time to unbox them!
Full List - Have
KidRobot 01 Brooklyn
KidRobot 02 San Francisco
KidRobot 03 Robo Diablo
KidRobot 04 GID Halloween
KidRobot 05 Kidbomber Broadway
KidRobot 06 KidRobber Red Stripe
KidRobot 06 KidRobber Black Stripe
KidRobot 6.5 Gimme Ewok
KidRobot 07 Robo Loco Orange
KidRobot 07 Robo Loco Pink/Purple
KidRobot 07 Robo Loco Blue
KidRobot 08 Tengu Blue
KidRobot 08 Tengu Green
KidRobot 08 Tengu Black/Red
KidRobot 09 Candles (have two)
KidRobot 10 Good
KidRobot 10 Bad
KidRobot 10 Ugly
KidRobot 10 Good - Artist Proof
KidRobot 10 Bad - Artist Proof
KidRobot 10 Ugly - Artist Proof
KidRobot 11 Love
KidRobot 11 Hate
KidRobot 11 Love Bloody Chase
KidRobot 11 Hate Bloody Chase
KidRobot 12 American Deluxe
KidRobot 13 Blackbeard
KidRobot 14 KidNinja Shiro White
KidRobot 14 KidNinja Haiiro Grey
KidRobot 14 KidNinja White - Artist Proof - Bloody
KidRobot 14 KidNinja Grey - Artist Proof - Bloody
KidRobot 15 KidReaper
KidRobot 15 KidReaper Artist Proof
KidRobot 15 KidReaper Chase
KidRobot 16 KidPunk 1984 Black Flag
KidRobot 16 KidPunk 1980 Dead Kennedy's
KidRobot 16 KidPunk 1977 Sex Pistols
KidRobot 16 KidPunk UK Edition
KidRobot 17 Sgt. Robot - Green
KidRobot 17 Sgt. Robot - Black
KidRobot 18 Mutant
KidRobot 19 KidRiot
KidRobot 20 KidØlaf
KidRobot 20 KidØlaf Chase
KidRobot 20 KidØlaf Artists Proof
KidRobot 20 KidØlaf Artists Proof Chase
KidRobot Supermini NYC reopening
KidRobot Supermini Nike Airmax (Black and Pink - came with the men's shoes)
KidRobot Supermini Nike Airmax (Pink and Gray - came with the women's shoes)
KidRobot Supermini Series 1 - ALL
KidRobot Supermini Series 2 - ALL
KidRobot Supermini Series 3 - ALL
KidRobot Supermini Series 4 - ALL
KidRobot 3" Bots Series 1 - ALL (missing KidPrisoner)
KidRobot Bots - KidPrisoner (pending delivery)
Motorbot KR Mascot Custom (aka KidRusty)

He has them all!
That red cape looks great on this Reaper
Extremely rare Kidrobot 10 AP's

KidRusty by Motorbot.....you need a Don P too!

Full List - Want to Buy:
KidRobot 09 Candle Yellow
KidRobot 05 Kidbomber Shinjuku

When you have the last ones, that he needs for his collection than just hit him up here!

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