Review: KidShine by Squink!

This is the first review that i am writing about a custom Mascot that i received. I will start with KidShine from Squink!.

Today I made some shots of my KidShine by Squink!, really wanted to show the level of painting. The lines on this piece are extremely sharp and the eyes are having a great glow effect. The round eyes on this Mascot are perfectly sculpted. Both are having the same shape. I love what he did with the hair of the Mascot, it has a kind of dust effect on the edges. Also the sign on the back of this Mascot from Squink! is perfectly done. Normally i don't link things like this, but i have to say.....this one suits the Mascot extremely well. The blue/grey metal on his body is really smooth....just perfect.

Here are some shots from this awesome piece. Enjoy!


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