The hunt for the Kidrobot Mascot 04 (Halloween)

Patrick40 (member KR-boards) contacted me today and asked me, if i could do some promotion for him. He recently bought some older Mascots (03,05 Shinjuku and both 06's) and his collection is in the last stage.....only 1 Mascot is missing and that is Kidrobot Mascot 04.

Only 111 pieces were made of this one and it is made in 2004 by Tristan Eaton. It seems that this one is extremely hard to get and Patrick40 does everything to find it.

I am quite sure that Patrick will pay a good price for it, when you are willing to sell it. When you are having a Kidrobot Mascot 04 and you are willing to make some good money, than hit him up: p.slobbe@casema.nl and help this guy with fulfilling his dream!

His latest additions!

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