Custom news: Free Runner Diamond Kid by Tony Gil

Tony Gil released today his Free Runner Diamond Kid, this is what he stated about this custom on his website:

"Introducing my first custom Kidrobot mascot. Free Runner Diamond Kid. Caught in action, perfectly balanced on one hand and spraying the town with the other. Jumping and climbing walls as if he were spiderman. Good luck catching him as he is fast and furious. Good luck!"


This custom is more than amazing. The pose is insane and you can see that this one took Tony quite some time.

It is really amazing what he did with the body. I have worked on quite some Mascots and i can tell you that manipulating the legs like this, is really a hell of a job. The paintjob is done in his own DIAMOND-style added with some cool paint splatters. You just have to love this one!

If you would like to grab some work from Tony, just have a look here.

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