Battle of the Mascots: 10 FACTS

As you guys might know Sekure D and me started this blog for our passion for the Kidrobot Mascots. Since this blog is growing and growing, we would like to share some nice facts with you guys. Just for fun and a thank you for reading this blog!

10 Facts from the Battle of the Mascots blog:

  1. This is post number 111
  2. Sekure D never expected, that we could write every day about Mascots
  3. We are the first blog that brings news about Mascots
  4. Today we reached more than 8200 views from start
  5. Most visitors are from the U.S and 40% of the visitors is using Firefox
  6. Most visitors are directed from Facebook
  7. Our first post was dated on 23-2-2012 and it was a review of KidNeutron and KidRoyale
  8. STOLEN! Whole collection of moss420 is the best viewed article, followed by In the spotlight: Commandante Dante Herrera
  9. There will be soon a "GIVEAWAY EVENT" on Facebook.
  10. We are making these Mascots HOT and that is not a wish but a FACT!
Thank you!

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