Trade: Don P VS JMAX!

JMAX!.....who is that? Well i think almost no one knows him, but i can say that he has something special. His real name is Justin Maxwell and i great guy when you know him.

Since i am starting a custom Mascot collection, i am looking for trades with artists. I already will have a great trade with Sekure D (we will follow the work in process of this trade on this board too), but this new trade will be something interesting since.......Justin made not so many customs.

When i saw his custom Android that he made.....i had do see that style on a custom Mascot.  I never saw rust like he is doing.....it looks so real! Justin has learned his rust style on working on some small cars.

His growing passion of Kidrobot Mascots made him buy some of the series already and he is has bought some custom Bots from Sekure D.

We will keep you informed about the process of this trade!

If some other artists are interested in a trade with me.....feel free to contact me: patmoslipsi@gmail.com

If you are a collector and you would like to share information about your artist that you have contacted for a custom Mascot, than we will be happy to write an article about this. If you have something else to share, than contact us too: battleofthemascots@gmail.com

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