STOLEN! Whole collection of moss420

Today i contacted moss420, when i saw this amazing post on the KR-boards:

"So I came home today and someone had stolen every single one of my jesse hernandez toys, all of my production 8" dunnys, and every Huck 3" ever made. Please help if anyone sees these going for sale on ebay here or any other site please contact me. All the Jesse toys have been numbered with a 6. Some of the Huck dunny's are as well. I really appreciate the help!"

In the pictures beneath this article, you can see the collection of moss420. Have a good look at what this guy had and let's hope that we can find this collection. I would say spread the word and give moss420 a hand to find his collection and the thiefs!

If you saw or heard something, please contact him here:



1 comment:

  1. Thieves are lame. Hope they get caught and, ahem, "properly punished".