Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot bootlegs! (part 4)

Never expected that i would post so soon......but this scoop is HUGE!!!!

I contacted Lee and he told me that he had his bootleg from a member on eBay called lydialolly. Lee bought more Kidrobot Mascots on eBay.....and guess what.....also BOOTLEGS!!!!!!! The sad news is that two of these bootlegs are in the collection from NerpS (KR-Board). It contains the 01 and 04.

Pictures of the bootlegs...

As you can see this is the same Kidrobot Mascot 01 as the one from Lee. The Kidrobot Mascot 04 has a different text on his shirt, you can see that when you zoom in. Also this one is missing stitches on his body. Alle these bottles are bigger than the original ones.

Here are the original Mascots...
I feel like a detective now......you can see the Kidrobot Mascot 01 bootleg in this youtube movie from eBay-member lydialolly

We will keep you guys informed about this situation. We will contact this eBay user and will ask were this Kidrobot Mascots were bought.....i have the feeling that there are more bootlegs in collections!

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