Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot bootlegs? (part 3)

The story continues.......some days ago member lee1632 from the KR-boards posted a Kidrobot Mascot 01. When i looked at this Mascot i saw the same type of head, that i have on my Kidrobot Mascot 02 sample/bootleg. Read the articles here and here. When i looked closer i saw that this Mascot has the same differences as my sample/bootleg. The strange thing is that both sample/bootlegs are missing the crowbar.

Just look for yourself......the sample/bootleg

I am quite sure that also this head is not right on the body. You see a line under his mouth.....it seems that you can recognize a sample/bootleg with this. Again there is a color difference in his trouser, compared to the original. Also his body seems thin. Again his belt is not perfectly colored!

His watch is totally blue.....while the original has a color combination of white and blue. His back is missing the text "Broolyn". You can see the strange stripe in his head better now.

Ok now we go to the original......look at all those differences!

Main differences: color in shoes and watch. Text on his back.

The story continues.....watch at your collections. This might be a serious problem!

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