KidIncredible and KidPhantom by Sekure D


I am sooooooooo excited to show these ones. I saw these customs some hours ago and i have to go to the doctor to close my mouth. Sekure D killed these Mascots. They are so amazing and so clean, combined with his own style he made something extremely special!

Let's go to the Mascots!
Robert "Bob" Parr (a.k.a. Mr. Incredible) is the protagonist of the film. Bob possesses tremendous strength, and heightened resistance to harm. He also has enhanced senses. He is married to Helen Parr, the superheroine known as Elastigirl, and they have three children together: Violet, Dashiell Robert ("Dash"), and Jack-Jack. Bob found forced retirement difficult, and often had to cheat his way out of the house on Wednesdays so that he could continue his superheroics. He was shocked to discover that his "Number 1 fan", Buddy Pine, had reformed himself as the villain Syndrome after Mr. Incredible had squelched Pine's wish to be his ward in an attempt to protect him, and it was not until Syndrome threatened the family's lives that Bob realized that his family was his "greatest adventure". 
(source Wikepedia)

The Phantom is the 21st in a line of crimefighters that originated in 1536, when the father of British sailor Christopher Walker was killed during a pirate attack. Swearing an oath to fight evil on the skull of his father's murderer, Christopher started the legacy of the Phantom that would be passed from father to son, leaving people to give the mysterious figure nicknames such as "The Ghost Who Walks", The Man Who Cannot Die and Guardian of the Eastern Dark, believing him to be immortal. Unlike many fictional costumed heroes, the Phantom does not have any supernatural powers, but instead relies on his strength, intelligence and fearsome reputation of being an immortal ghostt to defeat his foes. The 21st Phantom is married to Diana Palmer, whom he met while studying in the United States; they have two children, Kit and Heloise. Like all previous Phantoms, he lives in the ancient Skull cave, and has a trained wolf, Devil, and a horse named Hero.
(source Wikepedia)

These Mascots are really something else and stepping up into the game. I am quite sure that Sekure will do more Mascots after these ones.

If you would like to have your own Mascot, than hit this great artist up. You can go to his own site and contact him: www.sekured.com.


NEWS!!!! G-Shock
Since today Sekure D is also an official member of the Casio G-Street Team (G-Shock). You can check him out there blogging about all things that concerns Sekure D. His first post are these rad new 7" Mascots. 

You can find this G-Street blog here:


Recently Globe asked Sekure D to do a sneaker mural for them.......you guys really have to see this video!

You can watch this Globe video here:

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