In the spotlight: JFury

Well in this article we put JFury (Justin Philips) in the spotlight. Justin is famous for his clown-style that he uses on all platforms, but he can do way more. He is since a year customizing now and is one of the fastest growing names in the customizing scene. He did some shows already and i am sure he will do loads in the future.

I heard that he will work soon on some Mascots, really looking foward to his result with these Mascots. It is great to see that many customizers will be customizing this platform.

Here are some of the works that Justin made....enjoy them!


A work in process that you have to see!

If you would like to see more or commission him, than go to his Facebookpage:

If you would like to order directly some stuff of JFury, than go to his shop:

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