Collectors interview: patrick40

The second collector in this interview series is patrick40. Patrick40 is collecting designer toys for some months now and he made huge steps in his ultimate goal to find all Mascots that are in the series. He has a nose for finding Mascots, while quite some people are looking after these Mascots he has them in no time. His secret? I bet he will not tell that to anyone.....even me. Enjoy this interview!

Forum name: patrick40 (KR-boards)
Real name: Patrick Slobbe
Age: 41 (feeling 21 lol)
Location: Lisse, Zuid Holland
Country: The Netherlands (Europe)

When did you get interested in designer toys?
I got 4 South Park figures from Ebay, and then found out the whole vinyltoy scene and got very hooked since then.

What is your favorite platform to collect? Or do you have more?
My favorite platform is the mascot and bot. I also have a completed South Park series and some Goldlife Dunny's. Mascots/Bots are the number 1 for me.

How big is your collection, what do you have? 
My collection is at the moment 73 pieces. There are 3 (and maybe 4) pending as i speak.

What is your most expensive piece? 
The most expensive piece is the KR01 and that is pending now.

What is your most favorite toy and your most hated toy in your collection? 
For the normal Mascots it is the number 10 the Good/Bad/Ugly (need the Bad and Ugly still). The one i “hate “ the most is the orange/grey Tengu.

Wich direction are you going with your collection?
My point is to try and collect the whole series of Mascots first. After this i will try to add some customized Mascots to my collection.

Do you have also customs? When it is a yes, who are your favourite customizers? What is your favourite custom that you own?
Yes! I have customs,  a KidMutant and 2 Bots from Don-P and a Bot from Sekure-D (and 1 pending). My favourite customizers are Don-P, Sekure D, Rsin art, Fuller, J-Fury and a lot more. I am for six months now in the toyscene, so i see new artist almost every day.

What is your advice to new collectors to get a collection like this? 
Advice?? Mmm i am still a newbie myself, but i say stay away from Ebay the prices are simply to high. Just go the KR-boards and try to make friends there. The best deals you can be found there.

Wich Mascots are you missing in your collection?
I really hope that you guys can help me out with finding these Mascots:
If you have something interesting, than just hit me up!
My mail is: p.slobbe@casema.nl

Can you show us your collection?
These are some pictures of my collection (not everything is showed, because there are some pending). Oh and i was having the flue on the moment that this picture was shooted.....normally i look better haha.

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