Collectors interview: NerpS

One of the most famous collectors i know from Mascots is NerpS. A great boardie (KR-boards) with a really big heart! Enjoy this interview and his amazing collection!

Forum name: NerpS
Real name: Dieter Waltenbaugh
Age: 33
Location: Marin, California 
Country: USA

When did you get interested in designer toys?
I started collection about a year and a half ago when I stumbled across Dunny's on eBay, which led to me into going to Kidrobot San Francisco. When I got there I instantly fell in love. I go to Kidrobot San Francisco at lest 5 times a month for either a release or to hang out and chat with the employees.

What is your favorite platform to collect? Or do you have more?
My favorite is the Mascots, but since I now have all of those I am gearing towards getting all the Dunny's. Dunny's would be my second favorite. I'm not very interested in anything else, but my inner child tells me that I will be allowing my collection to grow further.

How big is your collection, what do you have?
My collection is not too big, it would be bigger but the older Dunny's sets are harder and more expensive. The thing is if I can't complete the entire sets, I really don't want them. It's part of my completionist problem. What my collection consists of as of now...

-ALL KR 7" Mascots

-Kidrobot Bots complete
-Most Wanted 2 complete
-Series 5 complete
-Series 2010 complete with custom 8" Mayo & Tabasco 
-Series 2011 complete 
-Azteca 2 series complete with 8" custom Golden Calendario
-2tone complete
-Gold life complete
-Futurama complete
-South Park complete with signed Mysterion
-Coarsetoys paws (4 standard colorways)
-a good amount of Rsinart custom
-a couple of 3" random artist custom
And a few other ransoms here and there.

What is your most expensive piece?
It's hard to tell some of my pieces are more valuable to me then to other people.
Most expensive in my opinion is the Sket One Tabasco just because there was a lawsuit over him making the dunny. + one of the 10 sold on eBay a couple of months back for $2500. The most I've paid for a piece is $1300, but i can't tell you guys what it is yet.

What is your most favorite toy and your most hated toy in your collection?
It wouldn't be one toy thats my favorite. I have two, first is my Mascot collection and second is my Most Wanted 2 set.

My most hated would be the Coarsetoys Paws, but only because it's so hard to get the other colorways that I need.

Wich direction are you going with your collection?
Well now that me and my girlfriend are breaking up (non toy related). I have a lot more room in my house for my collection. Not sure what I'm going to start on maybe 3A.

Do you have also customs? When it is a yes, who are your favourite customizers? What is your favourite custom that you own?
I have a good amount of customs and a lot  that are on there way to my house. My favorites right now are Rsinart, Drilone, and Huck Gee.

At the moment my favorite custom is my Rsinart Bandito.

What is your advice to new collectors to get a collection like this?
Go for art that you love not art that is popular. The only opinion that makes your collection valuable is your opinion. Also start saving now. Your bank account will be drained, your paychecks will disappear. It will consume your live just like crack cocaine, but without the side effects (ok a couple of side effects).

Can you show us your collection?

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