Collectors interview: Locotoy

Loved the setup that he posted of his toys on the Kr-boards, so i had to interview him. Here is the interview with member Locotoy.

Forum name: Locotoy
Real name: Luis aka Lui Santiago
Age: too old to remember
Location: 714 OC California
Country: USA

When did you get interested in designer toys?
The first time I was browsing the net a few years back and came across Abe Lincoln 3” Dunny I was fascinated by it. I started to research on it and found Kidrobot, then found BxH and I became addicted.

What is your favorite platform to collect? Or do you have more?
I don’t have a favorite platform.

How big is your collection, what do you have?
At one time it was enormous but most of was hidden in the closet because, I did not have room to display it all so I started trading and selling some of it except my beloved Mascots and BxH figures. Now days I have a one shelf full of Kidrobot Mascots another filled with BxH stuff some Brandt Peters and black white and gray figures to keep it simple. my other shelf has some Huck Gee figures some Deph Dunnys, Luke Chueh, Muttpop Tequilas, Godfather by Mind Style and Scarface figure, and some random figures I just love don’t know why.

What is your most expensive piece?
Back in the days I paid top Dollar for Muttpop Tequila Narco Satanico and the BxH Kaibutsu set.

What is your most favorite toy and your most hated toy in your collection?
I have to say I love Kidrobot 07 Robo Loco Blue for some reason it reminds me when I was little and watch the Ultraman cartoons.

Kidrobot Mascot 07 Robo Loco
Which direction are you going with your collection?
I am trying to finish my Kidrobot Mascot and get a few more Bxh figures.

Do you have also customs? When it is a yes, who are your favorite customizers? What is your favourite custom that you own?
I have some Luchadores and a Patas Verdes that is my favorite made by Frank Mysterio and a small figure made by Chrisosaur. I like work done by Chauskoskis, Sekure, Rsinart, Don P, AVATAR666, B.A.L.D., there’s more artist I just can’t remember at this time.

What is your advice to new collectors to get a collection like this?

To stay in track with one or two topics or artist otherwise you run out of room and money.

Here are some awesome shots from his collection.....what a great set-up, congrats Locotoy with this great collection!


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