Best customs on the net: Rsin Art

I know this artist for quite a while now, not only he makes excellent customs he is also a really helpfull and a supporting guy. I have an enormous repect for him and we have to praise the fact that he stands with his both feets on the ground.

I really hope that his hard work will pay off, with some production toys from Kidrobot. I am sure that he will turn every platform in something unique. Maybe Kidrobot should ask him for Kidrobot Mascot 21, i reckon it will be a great piece to add to your collections!

A quote from his Facebookpage:
"I am a self taught canvas and vinyl artist for the past 3 years. Started painting in December 2007. Working mainly with the Urban Vinyl toys the past 2 years. Participated in over 60 shows at galleries world wide. Have sold more then 100 pieces of art in that time. I continue to teach myself and learn everyday. Bringing the concept of "Things That Whisper" to life"

With this concept he brought this Mascot to life....have to say it is amazing. I know that he will work soon on an other Mascot, really would love to see what he makes with that one.

Enjoy this excellent piece!

Check out more works from Rsin Art here:

His Facebookpage:

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