Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot bootlegs?

An amazing story came to me some weeks ago, about two different Kidrobot Mascots 02.

Forummember gonedaddyfinch (KR-boards) was selling a Kidrobot Mascot 02. With the time he was making pictures. he noticed something very strange.......he saw that his own mascot was different than the one he just sold. Shocked as he was he made some pictures of both mascots and showed these ones to his buyer. Since he is a really good boardie he decided to give his own mascot to this buyer. It is a real pitty to see that he was scammed.........or was he not scammed?

The right one is the legit one. As you guys can see there is a difference in color, textsize, text on the back and text on the feet. Still you can see that they are from the same mold.

I have thought a long time about this situation and there can be three options:

Option 1 - Factory Sample? It would be one of a kind than and could be extremely interesting for collectors that are having all the mascots.

Option 2 - Kidrobot made two versions of this one? Maybe a mistake in the factory?

Option 3 - Bootleg? If this is the fact......go and look at your Kidrobot Mascot 02!

I asked Kidrobot today to solve this situation, so this story will be continued.....

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