Spotted! Kidrobot Mascot bootlegs? (part 2)

Way sooner than i expended this story continues. In the first part we discussed if this Kidrobot Mascot 02 is a bootleg. two versions or a factory sample.

Today i received a message from patrick40 (forummember KR-boards) that the mascots were in. When i heard that his Kidrobot Mascot 02 that he bought was different, i was intrigued. I needed to see it with my own eyes...otherwise i would have never believed it. Since the seller was extremely unhappy with this situation, he sold the "different" mascot to me for a good price. I really wanted it!

You people think, why the heck did he bought that piece? I can explain that easily.......i bought more factory samples. For example my KidIndian is made from a sample mascot from Kidrobot. This sample was a KidRifter. It was funny to see how this sample looked. The pattern was wrong, the colors different, his beard was metallic brown and his skin was orange. When you look at my KidIndian you can still see the original skin of this mascot. The guy who sold me this mascot told me that a friend of him was working at Kidrobot and that he took this sample out of the garbage can.

Today i received a message from Kidrobot concerning the pictures that i send in part 1, most of the people that were working at Kidrobot were thinking that it was a bootleg.....but they are not sure and i think i know why!

I will explain is with these pictures that patrick40 took today. He made shots of the mascots and the items. I will explain the differences between the sample and the original.

Picture 1: Front

1. No idea how i should call this, well let's call it his hair. There is a diffence in height. It is a bit smaller than the original.

2. Looking at his head you can say it is not right but oblique. Also the position of his mouth to his body, is smaller than the original. You can see that his whole head is positioned wrong. In the next pictures you can see this way better.

3. His number is way smaller than the original. The font is the same.

4. His watch is green on the original one this watch his way darker.

5. You can see that his colorscheme is different...in the original you can see way more contrast.

Picture 2: Side

1. You can see that the whole position of the head is different.

Picture 3: Back

 1. Ouch.........someone needed glasses...........mmmm well let's say the head is not positioned perfectly.

2. The text San Francisco is gone.

3. Paint issues on his belt.

Picture 4: Shoes

1. Green text. Other than that identical.

Picture 5: Bottle

 1. You can see that there is a bit change in height. The sample has a smaller neck.

Picture 6: Flower

Special note: these ones are changed.....sample and orginal are opposite

1. The middle part of the sample is not round.

2. This part is thicker.

3. You can see it bad on this picture but the leaves of the original are more straight. You can see a waved line too, well the original is straight.

4. Really hard to see, (i got more pics) but the sample stalk is more waved.

Looking at all these pics you see enormous differences. Since it are so many differences, my conclusion is that this piece is a factory sample. These 5 facts are making me think that this mascot is a factory sample.

1. I haven't seen a Kidrobot Mascot 02 like this sample in every collection that i know and i know loads. If it is a bootleg there should be more, why should someone do so much to copy a piece and make only 1 piece out of it?

2. To many different parts, like the colorscheme, the position of the head, the text in his shoes etc. With so many different parts it is unlikely that it is a bootleg. Everyone that will make a bootleg, will make it quite similar and not totally different, while a factory sample has different stages in the process of making.

3. The paint issues on the belt are making me thinking, that it is a factory sample. Why should you care how the paints are when you are in the process of making a piece?

4. All items on the original piece are more realistic, this makes me think that these items were made before the original ones.

5. I have got more factory samples...and i reckon that more people have them!

All these points are making me think that this piece is a factory sample, what do you guys think? I hoped that you enjoyed reading this article!

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