Review: KidNeutron and KidRoyale

This week Kidrobot will launch their new mascots KidNeutron and KidRoyale. Since we have our own connections, i could take my hands on these two new mascots before their launch.

I will give you in this small review my thoughts about these two mascots. I hope you enjoy it!

Black, white and cyan.....i really thought that these ones were designed by MAD when i saw these mascots, but they were soooooooooo clean that it could not be a design by MAD!

When i first saw these designs i was really dissapointed, at that time i was convinced it was the new Kidrobot Mascot 21. The first picture that i saw on the net, was a picture of the KidRoyale. He had a hat just like the Gangster bot that Kidrobot released some months ago. This was the picture i saw....and that hat ouch just loved it!

When Kidrobot started to show some pictures of the mascots the hat of the Royale was gone. I reckon that the hat was to pricey to add....very logical when you see the pricetag of a these mascots 29,95 dollars. A really incredible price for a 7 inch Mascot.

With the release of these mascots Kidrobot made clear, that these ones are not part of the series and that they are in Kidrobot's permanent collection, so not limited. Seems that Kidrobot opens the door for new collectors and customizers with these two mascots.

When i saw this one in reallife my dissapointment was gone. Really love the head of this one. The white looks like milk.....what a great color! The cyan color is really fitting these mascots well, again this color is so bright. These mascots will stand out from your normal Kidrobot collection.

The only missed chance that i see is that Kidrobot should have add a KR-sign on his shirt. It would have made him way better. The raygun is an accessoiry, that you see with the 7 inch Munny's. It is nice that this raygun has the same color as his trousers, but a missed chance when you asked me. The raygun is nothing special and i don't see the connection with a plain design and a raygun.

What i can i say about this one, well he has a great colorcombo. Love the black combinated with the cyan. Also this one is extremely plain. Seems that Kidrobot took the head of a KidRiot for this one. Also this spraycan accessoiry is from a 7 inch Munny. I am really missing some splats on this one. You can see that the can has some leftovers of paint and this KidRoyale is so clean. Again a missed chance. It would have made this figure so much better.

Afterall these mascots are looking good for these pricetag and i reckon that Kidrobot did a good thing to add them to the collection. I am quite sure that these mascots will be more populair in the future and that you will see more collectors. I reckon that you will see far more customs too. Strategical this is a good thing, but for me as collector and customizer of these mascots Kidrobot missed some chances to make it extremely populair. Some small changes would have suited these guys extremely well.

Ahhhh well i should not complain so much that price is a bargain. Go to the store and get them, they really stand out in your collection!

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