The hunt for the Kidrobot Mascot 05 Shinjuku

This is probably the hardest figure to get in your collections.I am not talking about some AP's but i am talking about the normal figures of this series of mascots.

Only 100 mascots were made (2005) of this mascot by Tristan Eaton. Loads of collectors are on the hunt for this one and are ready to pay enormous prices for this mascot, just to make their collection complete. I see real biddingwars coming on Ebay, when this one will be up for sale.

In the past years i saw seldom this mascot in collections. I am really curious were the other mascots are? Were are people keeping them? Are they in garages? In boxes?

If you have one in your collection, than send us a picture and we will try to make a nice collage of all these Shinjuku's, you can send it to: battleofthemascots@gmail.com

Show us those Shinjuku's! They have to be seen!


  1. I Wonder why that is I never seen one for sale theres other out there' I seen for sale which are also very limeted like
    Kidrobot 11 - Hate, 100 bloody variant),
    Kidrobot 11 - Love, 1000 with 100 bloody varia- Kidrobber Red, 100 pieces,
    Kidrobber Black, 100

  2. I never even realized this guy existed.