The hunt for the Kidrobot Mascot 03 (Robo Diablo)

Made by Tristan Eaton (God of the Kidrobot Mascot designers) in 2004, this became one of the rarest mascots to collect for your collection. I am talking about the Kidrobot Mascot 03, also called Robo Diablo. Only 333 pieces were made, just like the Kidrobot Mascots 01 and 02 but somehow you see this one seldom. I reckon that this mascot is also attractive for more collections, than only the Kidrobot Mascot collections.

This mascot looks so apealing with his colorscheme of red and dark red. Also his font is really well chosen. The items that he wears are also made to suit his body well. I reckon that this is the reason that you see some roundings with these items. The great add in color is the yellow that you see in his belt and shoes. You just have ti love this mascot.

I really wonder how many of these mascots are still there..........i can say for sure, that there are only 332 left..........this is the one that i have in my collection. Yes, i always buy strange things. If someone has a Kidrobot Mascot 03 without items or only the body (you never know) than hit me up through the battleofthemascots@gmail.com

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