Custom news! SekureD brings us "Mascot Season 2"

SekureD comes this year with his second series "Mascot Season 2", this series is based on the Kidrobot Bot (3 inch).

His first series sold out in less than an hour and his second series looks even more promising. To refresh your minds or that you haven't seen his first series here a picture of the bots that he made.


His first blind series contained 9 bots, these were the characters Captain America, Hulk, Homer, Jordan, Codename Unknown Robot, Codename Unknown Robot, Sponge Bob, Incredible, Swamp Thing.

For "Mascot Season 2" he showed already some really great pictures of his bots. This series is really something else. The creativity that he putted in all these bots is extremely good. He dares to level up with his designs, you can see now that he started with sculpting and he added even clothes to the toys. This series will be really something else. SekureD is bringing the bot to a higher level now. You better be online when he launches his series, because it will be sold out in no-time!

Here are the bots that he already finished......i call them eyecandy, just like the Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka oops...a little hint for one of the bots that will come!

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